5 strokes of yoga to elegantly remove excess meat

5 strokes of yoga to elegantly remove excess meat

I like to see Xu Jinglei wearing a suspender outfit, fresh and cute. I raise my hands and feel the taste of a rural woman, so I also bought a few suspender outfits, using two thin straps to provoke a cool summer, super comfortable,Super comfortable.

  I have a sister, and when I saw that I wore a suspender all around, I didn’t mention the envy in her eyes, but she wanted to wear it in her dreams.

But her two arms are chubby. When she shakes, the excess meat will slosh a few waves . not to mention the suspenders, she dare not even try a short-sleeved T-shirt. On a hot day, she used a long-sleeved shirt to hold her arms.Hold on tightly, it’s miserable!

  However, this is all “old age”. After practicing yoga with me for more than half a year, she developed a pair of slim arms.

In summer, a pair of sister flowers, one wearing a floral camisole and the other wearing a black camisole heating pants, are eye-catching on the road and have a high rate of return.

  Sisters who want to use a suspender to show their summer style. If your excess is not slender enough, hurry to practice thin arm yoga, throw away the excess meat all over, and quickly get the title of “Jade Arm Beauty”!

  The first type of tree type STEP1 is extended on the mat, with both hands folded together to straighten the lower back. When inhaling, raise the left knee, and try to put the left foot’s sole on the root of the right thigh.on.

  STEP2 Push your head up with your hands at the centerline of your body, straighten your arms, point your fingertips to the sky, and try to move your elbows behind your ears.

Keep breathing evenly, with your arms slightly upwards every time you take a breath, pay attention not to separate the palms of your hands, keep this posture, do 5?
After 8 breaths, change to another leg.

  Special Tips: The tree pose is a classic asana in yoga, which can fully stretch the triceps of the forearm and make it firm.

In addition, you can reduce your waist and skinny legs to increase your concentration.

  The second type of fur seal STEP1 sits on the ground, with the back straight, and the legs open naturally in front of the body.

Bend your right foot, put your heel on the perineum, and bend your left leg naturally.

  STEP2 inhale, hook your left calf with your left arm, hold your right hand with your left hand in front of your body, hold the end flat and exhale.

  STEP3 inhale, keep your hands holding each other, slowly raise your right arm, bypass from the right side, stay behind your head (at this time the head is about the position of the right elbow joint, hands crossed behind the back), do 3?
Take 5 deep breaths and do the other side.

  Special note: This posture can eliminate excess meat on the arm and is really beneficial in terms of slim arms.

After one of my sisters practiced, they said they could cure low back pain.

During practice, you can grasp the time to maintain posture according to your physical condition.

  The third type of Eagle STEP1 maintains the bird king’s posture, then slowly open the arms, tilt the arms and head as far as possible, pay attention to keep the elbows slightly bent, and at the same time force your fingers straight, like the wings of an eagle.

  STEP2 do a few abdominal breaths, lower your arms and legs, take a break, and then do 3?
4 identical exercises.

  Special reminder: The Eagle type is based on the Bird King type. It will use the shoulder joint to drive the arms one by one to make the Eagle hit the sky.

The eagle type can beautify the shape of the arm in all directions, and it is especially effective for the thick crush of the arm.

  The fourth type of stepped shoulder STEP1 kneels on the cushion, inhales, hands clasped behind the head, the elbows open forward and left, the back is straight, stretches out for a few abdominal breaths.

  STEP2 inhale, move your hands backwards (the right hand is above the front and the left hand is below). When exhaling, the left hand is forced to pull down on the right hand and cooperate with abdominal breathing.

Move your hands to the right and pull your left hand with your right hand.

Finally, slowly restore, relax the shoulders and hips, and continue to do 3?
5 groups.

  Special Tips: This pose can not only reduce the excess meat on the arm, beautify the line of the arm, but also relax the stiff shoulders.

White-collar workers often sit in front of a computer and work, and it is even more difficult to work overtime. It is inevitable that the shoulders will be sore. Practice more shoulder-fixing exercises can effectively relieve these symptoms.

Then secretly, this posture can also prevent Mimi from sagging.

  Fifth step around the shoulder STEP1 Choose a comfortable sitting position, bend your elbows, put your hands on top, center your shoulders, and draw a circle in the air from front to back.

Inhale when in the upper semicircle and exhale when in the lower semicircle.

Finish 3?
After 6 laps, draw 3 in the opposite direction?
6 turns.
  STEP2 Hold your elbows with your hands and put them behind your head. Stretch your elbows hard to maintain a natural breathing. Hold for a few minutes and lower your arms.

  Special note: Is this pose simple enough?

However, the effect of thin arms is quite significant, and it can relax the shoulders at the same time. If you feel tired during work, make a few groups to relax yourself.

  Thin arms for small movements, special for lazy eyebrows. If you are too lazy to do the simple yoga poses above, or you are too busy to work for a fixed time, then let ‘s do it. I recommend a few thin arms to ensure that it is convenient, As long as you often move consciously, you can make fat arms thinner!

  Do Sven in front of the computer.

Did you sit in front of your computer as if you were firmly stuck on it with 502 super glue?
Do the following two small actions, super easy.

The body hangs down naturally, the fingers slowly and forcefully separate, and then slowly form a fist.

Do 10 sets in a row, take a break and do another 10 sets.

This action can shape the lines of the arm.

You can also tighten the tight muscles tightly, and then gently shake the wrist to move the entire arm. Slowly, the arms will become thin and beautiful.

  ”Stretching your waist” thin arms.

During the lunch break, did you feel a bit stiff during the busy morning?

Let’s stretch out!

Cross your fingers and stretch forward with a long palm.

Then cross your fingers and tilt your head upwards, palms up and up, and stretch your waist.

It is such a simple movement, but it can reduce the excess meat of the arm, but it is effective to try to tighten the arm muscles.

  Thin arms in the bathroom.

Is it boring when pooping in the bathroom?

Then let’s do the small movements of thin arms. The movements are extremely simple. Straighten straight forward and tighten the muscles.

If you feel tired, put down a rest and continue.

  All the above actions are super-efficient and simplified versions that I have carefully selected, which are most suitable for lazy crushes.

What are you waiting for?

Let ‘s start practicing from now on. We will practice a slender and compact part. Let ‘s wear a sling outfit and show off.