only,Lingju followed,Everyone is also interesting,Feel a pity,I can only give up。

Shopping in Jingpu is still fast,I’ve been here once before in Qinghe Town,Take the shopping list I made before,Just over an hour,Jingpu bought almost everything he wanted to buy。
I’m going to the old bun shop now,Buying some buns,Steamed buns or something。
At this time, Jingpu and Lingju are walking in the downtown area of Qinghe Town,Speaking of,Both of them are too dazzling,So as not to be stared at。
Jingpu has a thick skin,Feel indifferent,but,Lingju’s words,But took out a moon-white tulle,Put on my face。
But Jingpu thinks it’s useless,The beauty of Lingju is definitely not something that a thin veil can cover,Rao are those blue-eyed Yingbo eyes,It’s already stunning,Not to mention Lingju’s temperament。
but,It seems that after wearing the tulle,Lingju feels more relaxed,Don’t care about other people’s eyes,But curiously watching the lively markets around。
It looks like,Lingju seems to be here for the first time,Curious about everything,And also immersed in it,I also forgot Jingpu’s identity,Not as cautious as before,See what new stuff,So he asked Jingpu curiously。
The two are really like friends now,Jingpu still likes this,Jingpu thought that Lingju was very afraid of himself before。
Jingpu doesn’t know what he is afraid of,Not only Lingju,It seems that everyone in the Divine Sword Sect is afraid of themselves,Jingpu likes to get along with friends like this。
Two people strolling,Chatting,Soon I came to the door of which bun shop before。
The store is overcrowded,It happens to be morning,There are so many people eating breakfast,Jingpu Dang even asked loudly towards the store:
“sister,Do you have buns??”
quickly,There was a voice in the store:
When the charming lady boss came out,After looking at Jingpu and Lingju outside,Just for a moment,Then he looked at Jingpu Road with a smirk: