Will the pole road to the ultimate,Six big stars,Track fluctuating http://www.swanrose.cn tiger leopard thunder, rapid and ghost。

Summer has taken all the strength and the other party’s fierce battle。
The http://www.gycxmj.cn habits developed for many years have made him pursue a truth。
As long as it is a battle,I am never soft.。
Not you die, I die。
Heavy sword,Extreme road,Tearing a cold man,I want to crush the clouds。
Compared to summer shock and uncomfortable,Then, Yunyang is already awkward.。
Previous sword,He has been very close to。
I want to kill summer spikes……He also competes for the first place of this assessment,I don’t want to waste time at all.。
In his opinion,I am killing myself.,Already a waste time。
But I didn’t think of it.,The other party not only blocked the killing,Today, it is not the opposite of him.。
To know,He can videody through each other,Clearly distinguished,This boy is just a big mission.。
Martial artist!
What is he?。
Wu Wang!
Different big realm。
The other party actually did not http://www.aist-bj.cn fall!
How can this be!
The two people are getting faster and faster,Can’t capture with naked eye。
Only in the air came to the rapid collision。
Just a short message,They collided with each other hundreds of tricks。
At this time,The big army of all sides has already surrounded up.。
Yunyang snort,Borrowing,Like the immortality。
He coldly stares on the summer,“get out,I don’t want to waste time,I hope that I am too fast.,After this assessment, you will take your life.。”
Not afraid,Instead, I really don’t want to waste a little time.。
If you can easily kill the summer is fine,But he can feel it,Can’t do it at all。
“You said that you will not fight.?You calculate a fart!”
Summer horizontal,A flying forward。