“Can you imagine the scene of a few women getting torn and fighting in the hospital corridor??I wanted to stop it,But I can’t stop it!Both sides are very angry,Then the original match suffered a bit,Xiao San took a group of sisters away。Then the original match broke out,He rushed into the ward and confronted Luo Jinhua with a violent meal,Isn’t Mr. Luo lying in bed and unable to move?,We can’t help it?”

“And let me tell you,The original partner kept scolding when he beat her husband,It sounds like this Luo always has a criminal record,I used to support female anchors under the banner before,But was driven away by the original partner。I just signed the guarantee some time ago,It’s just that the original partner didn’t expect that except for the female anchor,Mr. Luo still has……”
“Let you protect the victim,Feelings, you go gossip?!Mischief’s original drama is so good?”
“good looking!”
“I……and many more,What did you just say?The original part slapped Mr. Luo’s teeth out?”
“Then who is the one who beat the injury??”
“Ok?I fuck,What is this called?If you do more injustice, you will die!”
172 respect,So go all out!(Explosion!)
Central Police Station。
A bunch of people gathered to watch the video。
The video was taken with a colleague who went to the hospital with a recorder,Use mobile data to send back to the office,Very expensive。
But worth it……
At this time, a woman wearing a white down jacket suddenly rushed into a ward,I rushed to the hospital bed with lightning speed,Pull up Mr. Luo’s collar,It’s just a hard pump。