That’s not thank you,Maybe it becomes a humiliation。

This kind of thing is not as good as ever,There is no need to do this,At least for now,Lin Dong admits he didn’t offend her。
That is the other way around,Mo Ruchu really wanted to make friends with him,In this way,He can’t refuse,Otherwise it’s refuting face。
Regardless of the value of the car,He must continue,If the value of the car is high,perhaps,Mo Ruchu just let him in disguise,Accept this love。
What’s going on,He can’t refuse。
There is a temptation he dare not accept。
and so,Lin Dong is very tangled,Thinking about going,Not accept it,Have to admit,This is not as simple as it was at the beginning,Very powerful。
No wonder after she finished,Look at him like that。
finally,Looking at each other with Mo Ruchu,Lin Dong is defeated,Smile:“Ruchu’s kindness,How can i refuse,Then I will treat it as kind,I’m not polite to you。”
Mo Ruchu was inexplicably relieved,Thumbs up,Smiled lightly:“now it’s right,Men should be so happy,Mother-in-law’s annoying。”
Lin Dong raised his glass,Touch Mo Ruchu,The two smiled at each other,Each took a sip。
this moment,Only two people understand many things,Know well。
But Lin Dong sighed in his heart,Mo Ruchu can get to where he is today,It’s not luck and appearance,But really know how to be human。
There is no chance for success,Just like Fang Runde,Be a man。
Not thinking about asking for it first,But there is communication,Mutual benefit from the start,even,Pay more。
This is what Lin Dong thought before,Make people owe love。
Although the two songs are very famous,But when do songwriters in the circle sell millions of songs?
At most hundreds of thousands to millions。
If Mo Ruchu gave him a 5 million imported car,Lin Dong owes her love?