Who told you to be so shameless!?

It’s not just Aunt Choi,Those who came here,None left。
After Shen Huan walked out of the live broadcast hall,They all focused their mobile phones on the trio of Wang Juan who had collapsed。
Du Wenxin can’t stand such worldwide attention,Sighed,Turned to stand in the corner。
Unwilling to be with them。
Simultaneously,Du Wenxin’s heart is also hairy。
He is the only one who is not crazy。
Didn’t go crazy before,I’m not seizure now。
His existence,Has become the most direct responder to all conspiracy theories。
You said there was a problem with the handshake?
So why is Du Wenxin nothing?
He has always been calm,Instead, when watching Wang Juan and the others confess the truth,,Also went up and stopped。
This proves that Du Wenxin is very sober,There is no confusion at all。