So even if he is not happy,I can only bite my teeth and buy this house。

Although Mo Kui and Feng Lanlan have sold as servants,But every word of it is an acquired warrior,Wang Hong can’t really use them as coolies,So I spent another sum of money,Buy back two maids and four servants。
Mo Kui serves as butler,Handle the chores in the house,Feng Lanlan is responsible for Wang Hong’s business,It hasn’t officially opened yet,Still focus on helping him practice。
After a few days of adaptation,Wang Hong discovered that he was cultivating iron cloth shirts in Mingcheng,It seems that the progress has become faster again。
After asking Feng Lanlan, I found out,It turned out that Ming City was built on a spiritual vein,This is also one of the only three spiritual veins in Tiannan Kingdom。
Although the body hasn’t started to practice Qi,But the surrounding aura concentration rises,There is no doubt about the benefits of forging。
So,Yunzhou warriors gathered in Mingcheng,Price in the city、Land prices are rising wildly。
The rich will buy a house like Wang Hong,Those without money can only rent a house or even sleep on the street。
But for the opportunity to break through,These warriors would rather be stunned in Mingcheng,I don’t want to go back to the country to show off。
In addition to practicing recently, Wang Hong,Just wandering in the streets and alleys of Mingcheng,Since Mingcheng is the beginning of career development,Naturally, we must understand the city well。
Such a densely populated city of warriors,Business opportunities are naturally everywhere,Unfortunately because the city has existed for too long,Almost all walks of life are solidified。
It doesn’t matter if you are small on weekdays,But once the scale gets bigger,Certain vested interests。
Since the establishment of Tiannan Kingdom,Mingcheng has never encountered war again。
The network of relationships in such a city is intricate,Even if the other person looks good,But just turn to a few levels,80% can involve a certain innate strong,Or powerful people。