Of course Daoist Murong also saw this person,He didn’t take it to heart,With his ability,If that person is a malicious guy,He can easily take down people at any time……

“Ha ha,Not many people dare to make ideas,Very few people dare to stand outside my house and make ideas so blatantly,I want to see which party is holy this time。”
Qin Liang deliberately made a joke easily,Then walked straight to that person!Daochang Bai and Liang Feng followed Qin Liang in a hurry。
When the three of them walked a few steps away,Qin Liang laughed dumbly……That person is not someone else,But it’s Ling Mofeng!
“I have a hasty!You pig!Why don’t you go in since it’s here?Standing outside the door drinking northwest wind?”
Chapter two thousand five hundred and twenty-three Superfluous farewell
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Chapter two thousand five hundred and twenty-three Superfluous farewell
Qin Liang asked with a smile。
“I rely on,You are back,I’ve been waiting for you for over an hour!This makes me depressed。”
Ling Mofeng answered Qin Liang’s words,While looking curiously at the two Taoist priests behind Qin Liang。
“You don’t go in and sit and wait for me,Would you like to stand here as a telegraph pole and I have a wool relationship??Strange?Why don’t you go in?Is there something to find me alone?”
Qin Liang wondered。
Of course, Ling Mofeng could not be the one who stood outside the door and attacked Shen’s idea.!Qin Liang naturally understands this,But this guy is hell,Why don’t you go into the house if you are good??
“I sent Song Min here,After that, the people upstairs and downstairs can’t find you,Then I asked your little girl,Said it was you and your master,Brother is out,Will be back in a while,I think;A young girl in your house,If you are not here, it’s not appropriate for me to be in your house.!So I finally came out by myself,I guess you won’t be back in a while,So I stood here waiting for you,Good result,Almost waiting until the rhythm of the sea dry。”