Chen Xiu, don’t stop him:“Don’t waste,Sucked his blood!”

That person is human blood that has been sucked for hundreds of years,Unexpectedly, now it’s my turn to be sucked blood,Screamed:“Do not……Don’t……”
Zhu Huiwei takes back his sword,Knocked him out with a punch,The sharp fangs are directly on the man’s neck,In less than 30 seconds, the opponent has been sucked into a human skin。
“The majestic vitality in his stiff blood,This guy sucks more blood than Wu Hua!”Zhu Huiwei sighed after sucking the stiff blood。
“This is not the time for generalization,Let’s leave the airport first。”
Chen Xiu said while looking at the phone:“The ancestor Baihu will be there in three minutes!”
“it is good,We board。”
“……The crew was sucked up by this guy,What to do on the plane now,It’s serious to run away。”
“I can fly a plane。”
“……You can fly a plane?”
“nonsense,I lived for 600 years,I can enrich myself without learning anything during such a long time!”
Zhu Huiwei took Chen Xiu into the small plane,In the cockpit, only two pilots were sucked into corpses。
Time is running out,Zhu Huiwei directly left the bodies of the two pilots behind,I just sat on the driver’s seat,First I picked up the walkie-talkie and said a bunch of exclusive terms to the console,Chen Xiu didn’t understand either,I vaguely guessed that it meant requesting liftoff。
After the conversation,Zhu Huiwei randomly presses the button on the console,The plane starts slowly。
“Lying,You really know!”Chen Xiu was surprised。
“nonsense,Do you think i’m bragging!”
Zhu Huiwei said proudly:“I was already in contact with airplanes during World War I,No one in the world has more flight time than me。”