Huang Lei shot,When he has noticed the situation here,The moment he heard the sound,Huang Lei jumped out directly,Don’t hesitate to raise the pan and hit this guy on the ground。

The opponent is crawling on the ground,Didn’t react at all,Until Huang Lei appeared,Until Huang Lei has shot,Knock down,When he gets up again,Has fallen on his stomach,The blood is decreasing bit by bit over time。
Huang Lei solved him。
crucial moment,Huang Lei will not use him to induce his teammates to appear,Now the main thing is to meet one to solve the other,Because it can relieve stress。
Once the opponent is rescued,Then the consequences are different。
Quickly make up the other party,Huang Lei’s pressure is a little less,Using a pan,No one can find anything unusual here,Except for the opponent’s teammates。
Huang Lei is not sure if the opponent has teammates,But he still hides himself well。
There is a feature of playing this game,You have to give up where you fired or moved your hands,Usually change a place with one shot,Otherwise, you will soon be locked in your position by the other party。after that,The other person can approach himself in many ways,Finally, solve yourself,These are very common things。
This is basically a subconscious action,When Huang Lei solves this person,I immediately changed my position,Came to the window,Squatting。
The circle is also shrinking,Has circled Huang Lei,Fortunately, half a person is shrouded。
This is also one of the gamesbug,As long as this circle does not cover the whole person, it will not produce any effect。
Just half a person,For the time being, Huang Lei is still safe,Now Huang Lei is more worried about the one who just made footsteps,Near the wall,The guy who never showed up。
Because after that, there is no other voice,I don’t know if he has changed positions,Still keep the previous action unchanged。
If the latter,Huang Lei had to admire each other,At this moment I can actually calm down。