“Not allowed……”He hasn’t finished speaking yet,Ding Yi put the phone on。

“Humph,Cruel little things,See how i clean up you!”Jiang Fan said angrily to the phone。
Lying in bed,Jiang Fan can’t sleep,It’s not because he missed Ding Yi,He was thinking about going to see She Wenxiu today。He remembered when he took the elevator to find She Wenxiu,The elevator stopped at6Floor,Yin Jiashi accidentally hit outside and came in。
This Yin Jiashi,Always so unfathomable,Since I was transferred to Lang Zhu as acting mayor,Other people still look like that,Only this Yin family is never lukewarm,Even in special occasions,Same to him,Behaved very coldly。Jiang Fan thought about it more than once,Serving Langzhu by yourself,Will definitely hinder the established interests of some people,Then the first thing that hinders should be this Yin Jiashi。Because according to officialdom,Mayor Vacancy,The third in command of the city will take over as mayor,But Yin Jiashi didn’t take over,But he airborne Langzhu,From this day,Yin Jiashi must not be enthusiastic about himself。
Shen Guangrui called him one day,Talk about some things in the political arena of Lang。Shen Guangrui was the secretary of Langzhu for seven or eight years,At that time, it was also densely packed,Although the officialdom is now popular, people go to cool tea,But there will be one or two old ministries with good friendships who can communicate with him in time,Although Shen Guangrui has never mentioned anyone to Jiang Fan,Jiang Fan doesn’t know who is Shen Guangrui’s iron,but,Jiang Fan still feels that Shen Guangrui is quite clear about Lang Zhu’s situation。
According to the information he revealed,It seems that before Nie Wendong’s accident,Yin Jiashi already anticipated Nie Wendong’s future,In other words, Nie Wendong’s future is the result of the Yin family’s dedication,So at that stage, the Yin family ran into the province purposefully,Even the entire Yin family thinks that if Nie Wendong is overthrown,Yin Jiashi will win。Who knows that the mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind,Taken by Jiang Fan,Seeing the cooked duck fly like this,Can the Yin family feel comfortable?,Are you happy to see yourself?
Think so,It’s not difficult to understand when Fan Wenliang came last time,He specifically addressed the issue of team unity on the Standing Committee.。At that time, Jiang Fan thought that his words were mainly for the leaders of the party and government.,It seems not now,Should be for everyone,Even targeted people listen。Fan Wenliang said:Understand that unity is great wisdom,Unity is a great skill,True unity is the realm,Not only leaders in the party and government should pay attention to unity,The third and fourth leaders of our party and government,And all team members should pay attention to unity,Unity,It’s not just the political consciousness of a party member and cadre,It’s also a matter of your quality as a natural person。Only talk about unity、General knowledge、People who understand the big picture,Can make a difference,Can go far,Go smoothly,To get everything you want。
Words of Fan Wenliang,Will benefit Jiang Fan every time,These words made Jiang Fan think for a long time,Is indeed a spur to yourself
Now it seems,Yin Jiashi talked coldly about himself on the surface,I will talk more coldly in my heart。And so on,Then there should be two people who are upset about his arrival,These two people should be Executive Deputy Mayor Bao Zhigang and Propaganda Minister Cai Feng。Because by convention,If Yin Jiashi succeeds,,Both Bao Zhigang and Cai Feng hope to be the deputy secretary,The third in command of Lang Zhu。And so on,There will be more unhappy people。
Ha ha,Own arrival,Hindered the promotion of a group of people。Thought of here,There was a sneer at the corner of Jiang Fan’s mouth。
Conceivable,What kind of undercurrent should Nie Wendong bring to the political arena of Lang?,What kind of thoughts should the various people have,Contemplating the cards in his hand?Everyone wants to benefit from the fall of others,So Yin Jiashi is no exception,Rejecting Jiang Fan is an instinctive psychological reaction,This is the norm in officialdom。
but,A mature official,I’ve been in officialdom for a long time,You should know that nothing is played according to the routine。I thought about it,Zhong Mingyi is down,No matter how you think, you should take over as secretary of the Kangzhou Municipal Party Committee,Because I already have such strength and foundation。But want to return,Isn’t Han Bing here??What else can I do?Not convinced or give up?Obviously it is impossible。Don’t even mention being trained by the party for so many years,Organizational principles and discipline are clear,Even an individual’s education will prevent him from doing things that are contrary to party spirit and human nature.。Because in that case it’s almost like digging a grave。It’s like playing cards,Some people caught a good hand,But it stinks;Some people are not very good,But can win。Promotion is sometimes like playing cards,You can’t guarantee that you will get a good card;Also kind of like walking,Theoretically,You can take a big step forward,But sometimes you can get to the destination first in a unique way。
On official career,Don’t know the mystery of those who cross the mountains and rivers?Yin Jiashi stared at the mayor’s seat,It’s natural,From Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee to Mayor,This leap is not forced,Not outrageous。Even Bao Zhigang is thinking about the mayor’s seat,Not too outrageous。
Jiang Fan has read Yin Jiashi’s resume,He used to be deputy secretary of Qinghe County Party Committee,Later, he was directly on the throne of the county party committee secretary.,Although there is no one-word description in the resume,But everyone in the officialdom knows how fierce the game behind it is,Because he went directly from the deputy secretary to the county party secretary,The biggest obstacle in the middle is the county magistrate,In other words, he is the winner in the competition with the county governor,The county magistrate is undoubtedly the loser。Within a few years,Yin Jiashi was transferred to Lang Zhu as the deputy mayor,Deputy Mayor,Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,Although the subsequent experience did not have such a big ups and downs,But it’s still progressing steadily。Judging by the number of his progress to Langzhu,From deputy secretary to mayor,Is also extremely natural。and so,Yin Jiashi can fully expect the position of mayor,Not too much。therefore,Jiang Fan’s resume based on Yin Jiashi’s promotion,It can also be judged,After an official had such a successful experience of winning on the risk in the history of promotion,Then,For promotion,His confidence will naturally be stronger than others,For the desired position,Naturally higher than others’ expectations。at this point,hundred percent。
From the information Shen Guangrui leaked to Jiang Fan,The Yin family is really on Nie Wendong’s problem,I must have caused the trip secretly,Even he and Bao Zhigang will be overpowering in secret,Sometimes they can hear the meaning of ridicule from their seemingly jokes.。and so,Jiang Fan further judged,Yin Jiashi and Bao Zhigang are dealing with Nie Wendong,There must have been a high degree of unity,There was fierce competition in the later period,But no matter how unpleasant it has been in the back,On the surface they are still in peace,After all, they are all high-level officials,Even though the waves are raging in my heart,There is also a smile on my face,This is the real master trick。
If Bao Zhigang did anything to Nie Wendong,That should also stem from the resistance to Nie Wendong,Because according to the feedback from the surroundings,Nie Wendong is a very bossy person,I don’t pay attention to these deputy mayors at all.,Things discussed at the mayor’s office meeting,He always made the decision,The final word,Also can’t hear different sounds,Very high profile。Don’t talk about these deputy mayors,Even the secretary of the municipal party committee, She Wenxiu, doesn’t take it seriously。For such a person, there is no basic work experience,As far as the person in the position of mayor is concerned,Abruptly to the grassroots,It is indeed a severe challenge and test。
No wonder after Liao Zhongcheng came,First, the principle of appointment and selection of cadres was reformed,Priority promotion for grassroots work experience,Highly educated priority promotion,A good reputation from the masses means that cadres who are well-approved by the people and the leaders are given priority for promotion。
Officialdom as a battlefield。Transferred from Northern Xinjiang to Langzhu on the mainland,Jiang Fan feels like a lonely soldier。it’s here,Despite his beauty,But there will be big and small battles waiting for him,political,Economy,Personal future,Need him to face。Shen Guangrui at the banquet to send Jiang Fan off,Just told him,Lang Zhu’s political arena is very complicated,And it is very repellent to foreign officials。Can he stand firm in Langzhu,And achieve new victories,Need to have enough wisdom and courage,So Shen Guangrui suggested that Jiang Fan bring a few cronies over。
First38chapter Subtle changes of the deputy mayor