Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun immediately hugged Shen Ruoxi……

“I have a hasty,What are you three doing?Are you just joking??Just start crying!Do you want this……”
I saw that the three girls are already raining,Qin Liang immediately jumped up from the chair,Tangled。He really doesn’t understand,How do these girls do?You can cry right away,The tears are like magic,Can be changed out of thin air……
“You don’t care about us,Our girls cry when they are happy……”
Shen Ruoxi is already wiping tears。
“I’m going!You guys simply……I said I can’t understand!”
Qin Liang wanted to cry without tears。
Fortunately, the three sisters only choked for a while,It rained and the sky cleared。
“All right,Go and inform everyone,I also called those bastards,Let them all come to the house tomorrow,Maybe not enough cars,I’ll let my brother-in-law get two cars over。”
Qin Liang thinks it is better to let the three girls do something a little bit now,So which one can distract them immediately,Naturally I won’t cry anymore。
So everyone started to split up,The girls at home heard that they were going to the beach,Everyone cheered,Including Xiaoyu is also very happy,These days,She has begun to integrate into this new big family,More and more relaxed。
Qin Liang also notified those guys one by one。
Ling Mofeng was surprised when he received the call,He did not expect Qin Liang to invite him and Qin Liang’s family,Especially including Shen Ruoxi……Go out together!This made him feel ashamed,He originally refused,But Qin Liang repeatedly invited,He was too embarrassed to refuse,I had to bite the bullet and agreed。
So the next morning,All the people gathered in Shen’s house。
Ling Mofeng is the last one to arrive,He hesitated for a long time walking around outside the door,I’ve never been ashamed to come forward and ring the doorbell. Later, Yanzi accidentally saw him through the window,Told Qin Liang,Qin Liang opened the door and let him into the house。
“Good sister-in-law,Hello sisters。”