Lu Qiangyun faces,Double eyes like a poisonous snake,“I don’t care who he is.,What is the origin?,Even if he is a lot of giants in Star Island,I also want him to be born.……”

Not finished,I suddenly came to a smile。
The sound is filled with strong sarcasm and disdain。
More than a dozen bodyguards are shocked,Lu Yun also scan all around。
“Will you die if you want to die??”
Hour time,Seems to be ghost,In the sight of Lu Yunyun and more than a dozen bodyguards,Ambulous appearance。
Lu Quan Yun,“Who are you?,People are ghosts?”
“You are not qualified to know my identity。”
Come and be shrouded in the black robes,Can’t see,Can only be distinguished from the voice is a woman。
“If there is no help,You can never kill him。”
At the same time。
Villa bedroom,Liu Qingqing is moving on mobile video。
The mobile phone screen is a wrinkled old face,At this moment, this old face is full of pleasure.,“Gimmick,What do I think of you??”
Liu Qingqing suddenly laughed,“Grandfather,Don’t always talk to a child like this。”
The old people have cough,Strict,“Ok,Then I will say it straight.,I heard that you found a boyfriend.,And I still live with him.,Where is the little child died?,Let him talk to me,I don’t kill him.!”
Toned,The old man began again wow,“I have raised a small white flower for more than 20 years.,Just eaten by a inexplicable guy,I am uncomfortable……”
Liu Qingqing suddenly faces the shame,Breathe,“Grandfather,I am ignoring you like this.。”
“Good,I am wrong.,An external public is wrong。”
The old man quickly apologizes,巴 巴 巴 望,“Then you have to let go of your grandfather.?Where is he??”
“Me……He is going on。”Liu Qingqing can only say a good lie,“Come back in a few days。”
“Then when did you bring that a child??”
The old man said,Willow Qingqing open,Accelerate,“Don’t tell me that you are busy,If you don’t bring him,Where do I go to you?,I am bother you every day.。”
Liu Qingqing’s white forehead suddenly emerges three black lines,A deep breath,“Ok,Waiting for him……I asked him。”
“I have to ask him?I said that Shantou,You can’t do this.……”
“Good,I don’t say,In short, take the stinky boy.。”
It seems to be afraid of Liu Qingqing to repent,I hang up the phone immediately。
Looking at the phone,Liu Qingqing sighed,Silk worries between eyebrows。