Chapter 1,396 Dragon tomb owner

NS1396Zhanglong Tomb owner
“Ha ha,Your question is very idiot。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”Lin Feng wrote a lot of laughter,The heart is 10,000 grass mud horses.。
I can’t wait to go up.,Tiger King,Golden Dragon’s neck,The mother is too unreliable.,I didn’t count this, the Dragon strong people who fell.。
However, since Lin Feng, I will not accept it.。
After all, it is a guy who fell.。
A huge boom sound,This blossoms have emerged in the blood sea.,Turn into a storm,The bloody dragon flushes in the blood sea.,Carry the breath of destroying the earth。
A terrible power swept,Turn to a bloody big hand to Tin Feng。
Lin Feng shadow proud,Point out,It’s like a radiant light like a thumb.,Draw the long-blanking bombardment to the blood color。
However, just when Lin Feng refers to this big hand.,This big hand has disappeared.。
“not good!”
Lin Feng is mad,I suddenly remembered that this old dragon has long soon a way to comprehend the situation.,He couldn’t attack this dragon at all.,Even if you block his attacks。
The power of a shalar is out of the earth,Crash all have a shape,Directly in the chest of Lin Feng,Lin Feng has been bombarded.,Heavy flying out。
He is full of blood。
Crack almost crack,It is good to suffer from huge serious injuries in Yuan Shen.,A vast horrible life is spread out,Directly repair his crock。
Blood color dragon looked at this scene shocked,It’s like a lantern long eye with a shocking color.,This hit is a saint,Even if it is half-step, it is necessary to be disabled.,even death。
However, the human saints in front of me did not imagine the hustle。
“Xuanhuang blood!”
Blood color dragon suddenly shocked:“There is a blood of Xuanhuang in your body.?It’s God,Ha ha”
Blood color dragon and laughing。
“God willing,Old days, I am not thin.,Old sky with me is not thin!”Blood color dragon:“Xuanhuang blood,Actually there is a blood in the human body,Great,I can have a constantly getting a blood of Xuanhuang.,Do not,I have to live in this.,I want this meat shell.!”
Although the Yuan Shen won the shell shell does not match,But the crock in front of you is too attractive.,Even if his original crock is far more than。
Solemn,In that distant past,I have born a life,This powerful life is a bloody blood,Sweeping the enemy,Any gain of the gain of the gains is in his feet.。
This is the existence of the god pulse。
Lao Long dreams, can’t think of such a good man, falling on your head.,It seems that your fall is also a disaster.,I will rebirth after I am robbed.,Walk into the new heaven and earth world。
Lin Feng snorted,He suddenly broke out a powerful ray,This ray is guarded.,Guard his body。
He knows that it is impossible to attack this old dragon regardless of himself.,The only way is to defend。
The stars in the body spread out of the sky and the fire will be wrapped in it.,Star nuclear incineration,This flame is extremely horrible,The void incineration has distorted。
“Boy,You think this flame can block me.?You know what level of this is the existence of this?”Red Dragon’s figure is constant,Turn into a evil spirits。