How to grasp the weird woman around you-

How to grasp the weird woman around you?

She is not a normal woman.

  She is cold and hot to you; she is suddenly away; she is mad and irritates you; she is too reserved and treats you like transparent air . She is torturing you, courting you, hurting you, comforting you.

  She makes you fall, she makes you drunk, makes you taste guilt, makes you want to stop.

  You need a smarter offensive defense, this is an irrational love.

  1, the perfect woman Love expression: excessive self-denial, demanding self, always correct.

  Blame a woman for imitation: A woman with perfect behavior and morals is a natural male killer.

Excessive self-denial, self-demand, right all the time, still narcissistic in the bones, because you love yourself and are not allowed to make mistakes.

  Every man dreams of getting a good wife, gentle, virtuous, self-denying, and resentful.

In fact, if you really get such a wife, after a brief gratification you will find that you are closed to an omnipresent moral anxiety and tension in life.

A woman who is eager to you and has no requirements actually has great demands on you. She uses it to invade you, so that you do n’t have the freedom of your own space and heart.You can’t do it again.

You will feel guilty or even guilty, so you have to slowly become “bad” to balance the pressure inside.

A woman who is too good will not make a man better, but only a man.

That’s why a good woman always meets a heartbreaker. In fact, the man was not so bad at first.

  Man’s way: Share the joy of making mistakes with her.

  Like myth, you can fall in love with a fairy-like person, but you can only marry an ordinary woman home. Your problem is that you can turn a fairy into a mortal.

In fact, life is the most need of vulgarity and freewheeling, share the joy of making mistakes, share laziness and casual carefreeness, limit her to pay for you above the level you can return.

  2, Suspicious Face Love expression: like to catch the wind and catch a shadow, but deliberately pretended to be a large degree.

  Blame women for imitation: General suspicion is just a way for women to flirt. Excessive suspicion may be a mixture of defect and aggressiveness.

The women in “Mobile Phone” are all slightly paranoid and hysterical complexes. They are sensitive to deception, thinking that men don’t tell the truth, they are bullying themselves.

  People who like suspicion must be romantic in heart and conservative in behavior. Many achievable romantics will become dissatisfied with the reality of marriage, so they will never easily believe in the sincerity of men.

All relationships in the world can be enforced, and the feeling of preference needs freedom.

Most jealous women have distorted experiences, emotional over-demand, and strong dependence and control on love relationships.

  Man’s Way: The most effective strategy is to be stupid, lower yourself from time to time, and don’t take it for granted.

  Suspicion is often a means of relationship control, and you have to learn to “unconditionally obey.”

Of course, for a guilty man, if you want to achieve sufficient freedom with a woman who likes suspicion, you should keep two principles in mind: Principle one: Establish the necessary rules at the beginning of love, try not to have mutual friends, and not be independentspace.

  Principle two: Don’t make love relationships too close, keeping a proper distance can protect both her and you.

Suspicious women are very sensitive to relationships and relationships. Once a certain love pattern is formed, you must persist for decades.

  3, indifferent face Love expression: often indulge in fantasy, do not take the initiative to care about people, the normal information in interactive relationships is often invalid.

  Blame the woman to imitate: Indifference that destroys hostility is acceptable. Sooner or later, hostility can be resolved, and indifference will be transformed into tenderness.

The most worrying apathy is extremely extreme narcissism, which is a personality defect, lack of sexual tendency, and no ability to love.

The narcissistic personality is an undifferentiated mud mass, with no internal structure, no anger when it’s time to be angry, and no happiness when it’s time to be happy.

With such a woman, you may even feel lonely and cold.

  You have to create some unique communication methods to reach the two of them.

Of course, some very independent women will have a latent indifference deep in their personality. You cannot fit into her heart, you cannot touch her, and you cannot conquer her.

  Man’s Way: Make simple rules for information and emotional communication to help her get enough security.

  If anger is not expressed properly, indifference becomes a technique.

If you don’t want to admit it, pretend not to know is the only countermeasure.

Can only accommodate men who are warm but not able to withstand indifference, not strong men, because they have too much need for relationships, this is a dependence.   Needed by women, it is often the secret self-esteem and happiness of many men, who will panic in the face of women who have no desire.

Desire is just, and the lack of desire in the family will make the family inhuman.

If she treats you with indifference, it is important to make simple rules for information and emotional communication to help her get enough security.

  4, passion face love expression: sensitive and hysterical, love and hate go hand in hand.

  Strange woman imitation: Women with dramatic personality abound, and each woman has hysteria-like emotions of varying degrees.

They are highly suggestive, emotionally sensitive and exaggerated, pursue sensory stimulation, and like to be the center of attention.

  In a familiar environment, their relationship with their friends is superficial, they do not take the initiative to maintain long-term intimacy, and they have unconscious defense and alienation.Experienced men go astray.

  Fortunately, many women suppress these hysterical emotions, and only resolve them in night dreams or wanting to be wrong.

Falling in love with such a woman will definitely experience a storm, because her love must go hand in hand with hate. The more you hate you, the more you love you.

  Man’s way: always praise her.

  Exaggeration, emotional outbursts, and masochism tend to be the major characteristics of theatrical personality. It is difficult for you to communicate with her in a normal way, because she has a lot of distorted experiences about the real. If she lied, she would never want to lie because she couldn’t tell the differenceIt is reality, some kind of imagination.

  All you have to do is to accept her emotions unconditionally and don’t think she is fooling around.

It is very important to give her a sense of security and praise at all times. The eternal praise you keep for her is equivalent to giving her diamond jewelry, and her feedback to you will always make you unexpected.

  5, Contradictory Face Love expression: I do n’t know if I love you or I do n’t love you, I have an affair randomly, and then confess it with remorse.

  The strange woman showed that: Marginal disorder is a psychological problem unique to women. It originated from mothers who are excessively introverted or indifferent. No matter how hard they work, children cannot form a deep attachment relationship. The frustration in intimate relationships makes girls not believe in their feelings, Emotional instability, irritability, self-defeating or self-injury unconsciously.

  She couldn’t tell whether she wanted to stay with you or leave you, she lacked control and anticipation of emotions, and could not bear her anxiety.

I don’t know if I love you or I don’t love you. I have an affair randomly, and then confessionally and discreetly, making those who love her miserable.

  Man’s Way: Help her find a good psychiatrist to accompany her for life.

  Lack of self-boundary is the core of the problem, how to rebuild the boundary with the person, and how to identify and manage your emotions are the goals you want to help her achieve.

Usually such a woman needs to accompany a psychologist for life, and helping her find a good psychologist is also one of the workarounds.

However, most psychiatrists are afraid to accept clients with borderline obstacles, “They are like children who will always need to suckle, and you will never be peaceful without satisfying her.

“6, over-clean Love expression: recognized the rules of love, everything is done step by step.

  Blame the woman to imitate: Women with cleanliness are always overly cautious, and their life is rigid and stubborn.

This is a kind of love in a sleeve, everything is done step by step, know the rules of love, and ignore the joy of creation.

  Psychology believes that there is a moral anxiety hidden in people with cleanliness. There is an unclean fear in the subconscious mind. Washing the body symbolizes washing the soul.

When the fetishism develops into a kind of severe compulsiveness, the love game becomes very unpleasant, you have to obey her inner mode and tedious rules, and even at home you have to be a soldier and taboo.

Friends and loved ones simply don’t believe you will cooperate so well, because some cooperations are so naive and ridiculous, but you have to be careful to perform them.

  Man’s way: Set cleanliness limits from the beginning and occasionally indulge.

  Jie women always turn their home into their own territory, and they have to converge outside.

Your position is slowly lost, and you can’t bear to look at her in pain, thinking that following her will make her feel better.

In fact, cleanliness is self-developing. You think she is a poor victim, but she is also a hateful perpetrator.

  You must set the rules of the game from the beginning. She is willing to cleanliness is her own business, but the family must not suffer from cleanliness.

Of course, sometimes you can allow her to turn her bedroom into a clean paradise, like a child playing house, and after everything is clean and flawless, she will experience the cleanness of her body naked.

  7, over-reliance on Love expression: insatiable to caring, hesitate to play poor people.

  Blame women for imitation: Women’s dependence on men has always been admired by old morals, thinking that the world is peaceful.

But dependence is actually a kind of incomplete personality, excessive obedience to the will of others, long-term experience of helplessness, fear of being unable to take care of oneself, inability to fulfill promises, and easy to fall into the fear of being alone or abandoned.

Serious dependence is manifested as a kind of attachment to relieve thirst, is greedy for caring and loves to play the poor, and uses weak control to entangle the loved one.

  She is extremely sensitive to your rejection and cannot bear setbacks; she is emotionally suspicious and doubts your frankness.

Living with a woman who is overly dependent, it seems that everything is under your control. In fact, you are just a puppet.

  Man’s way: Separated by impact.   A breakthrough separation can cultivate her independence, encourage her to engage with society and gain a good social identity.

Some women are also very independent in their careers, but they are very emotionally dependent. With their loved ones, their IQ drops to zero immediately.

Be careful!

This dependence is just to control your tactics, and the necessary pretense can respond to her emotional exploitation.

  8, Lace-side complex Love expression: simple and persistent, not afraid of male power.

  Blame women for imitation: Women’s homosexuality (Lesbian, transliterated as lace edges) is becoming more commonplace in our society.

Women are more likely to maintain a bisexual role than men. They marry and have children, fully realize women’s physiological functions, and at the same time maintain secret emotions with the same sex.

  Psychology believes that a bisexual woman has a dual need to be a father and a mother, which is a role breakdown.

But more women are disturbed by same-sex love during adolescence, and the retention of intimate experiences or same-sex pleasure hinders sexual development.

Most homosexual women always maintain a childlike innocence in their hearts. They are simple and persistent, and are not afraid of male power.

  Man’s way: Tolerance, wait, do not let same-sex love interfere with family life. The first principle: tolerance.

If you can’t stand it, it’s best to leave.

Trying to change the end of a homosexual is bad, same-sex love is her right, and choosing to leave is your right; second principle: abstain from behavior, do not let same-sex love interfere with your family life; third principle: wait.

When hormones suffer tax reductions and children grow up, family affairs increase, and most women take the initiative to give up gay life.

  9, Love Abuse Complex Love expression: have antisocial tendencies, ignore the rules, and have little tolerance for frustration.

  Blame women to imitate: The psychological tendency of abuse or abuse originated from the relationship between childhood and parents.

When a little girl trusts and relies on her parents unconditionally, if she suffers from physical violence or sexual abuse from a loved one, in order to alleviate the internal conflict, she will interpret these behaviors as the parents’ love and concern for herself and rationalize the pain.

  Potential abusers often have antisocial tendencies, and their ways of thinking and emotions are somewhat different, such as indifference to the perception of others, lack of social responsibility, disregard of rules, little tolerance for frustration, and cannot learn from experience.

  Man’s way: Learn to stop techniques, or take the lead in admitting to women’s flirting. Do not treat minor bites, pinches, pinches, scratches, and abuse as abuse. As long as there is no skin damage, violent abuse cannot be established.

  All domestic violence has a growing process. In the early days, you must report obvious aversion to bodily injury. Don’t justify the other person or easily forgive her.

We must learn stop technology for the escalation of conflicts. One of the escalations of conflict is that both people refuse to lose. If you feel that the situation is going to get out of control, it is better to take the lead and give up.

Let the emotions of both sides be buffered.

  10. Electra complex love expression: there is a kind of transcendent seriousness in sex, and it has an inexplicable guilt for naked body.

  Blame the woman to imitate: The Electra complex is not only manifested in sexual desire towards mature men, but also includes irrational emotions directed at men, rather than irrational anger towards men, unconscious masculinity, desire for protection, dependence, and inabilityThe restraint of rebellious urges, the desire to hurt the loved ones, etc., may be the Electra complex.

  Her unfinished emotions in her father-daughter’s early emotional relationship will unconsciously seek compensation from you.

Most of the father-in-law’s women have a transcendent height in sex, and even have an inexplicable guilt for their naked bodies. It is a natural thing for them to have the ability to passively and even avoid in the sex.

These performances of Electra women may all stem from deep shyness and confusion about sex.

  Man’s way: seduce her, making it difficult for her to extricate herself in the physical pleasure of reality.

  How to make your father-in-law’s woman’s body blend with sex is a matter of considering your sexual ability. You must show enough male charm to seduce her, making it difficult for her to fall into the physical pleasure of the body.

You should praise her performance in sex in time, trigger her inner conflict, and share and resolve appropriately.

In addition, you must stop her from transforming her father-in-law into a kind of surrogate mother. Excessive motherhood is a transformation of the father-in-law complex. You only need to see her as a sexy woman instead of creating a family-like root.

  Conclusion: The fascination of love is its unpredictability. The love that impresses a man must be irrational.

  When you fall in love with a normal woman, you may not experience the feeling of tearing your heart and heart in love, and you may not be able to find the emotion that is intoxicating or even degrading.

  The blame woman may be a treasure. After you have been tortured, you have boundless love for her. She makes you feel bad and makes you linger.

  Love is something that is unclear, and love often means hurt.