“front,Don’t discuss the choice of skin。I just want to know,What is the word behind the cattle??”

“Ha ha ha ha,Rainboy, you can’t hardly,I finish the words.。”
“Ha ha ha ha,Yup,Work, no more,Light with a sentenceLOLThe chance of the history book can be this one.。”
“Killing me,Originally, I remember after reading the poem.,Have already burned。Rainboy is so fight,I smile directly.。”
With the end of this wave,KTThe lower road situation is completely collapsed。
They are getting the doubles of the Tsar and CasaCAfter the combination,I originally wanted to drag the situation in the later period.。
But after the Qi Qing’s big killing,Casha is directly collapsed.。
10minute,One column under the road is pushed,IGLowering double group。
At this time,Dele’s record is3–0,Make a knife103Knife。
Casa,At this time, the record is too fierce.,A record0–2Do not say,The knife is even only poor67Knife。
This is in the career,And is on a hero that needs to be developed,It is a thing that can be called a disaster.。
After turning,KTHesitated for a while,Still let your own two double groups come to the road。
certainly,They don’t plan to make the double group strong。
Compare,Or at this timeIGLower http://www.hntpsjwy.cn road double group。
Now,Still directly let the tower better。
At least,KTThe development of the development is safe。
11Minute30second,KTOn the road, one tower is pushed。
13minute,Drai after returning,Made your own second big item!
13minute,Delle made two sets,This pairKTConvinced,Is a situation in the situation absolutely unacceptable。
This,Still, Miyu Try to control his results。
After the feeding capacity is full,He found a lot of behavior,It is extremely wasteful。
For example, a fangs who haven’t come to brush for a long time.,He didn’t eat the idea。
In eras, when passing through other roads,For some soldiers who can’t eat on the team,He also didn’t make a replenishment。
even,At the time of fighting,I have no way to enter the field.,And your side is just a wild or war line.。
This situation,He http://www.fy12365.cn also didn’t eat these small resources。
These meta,Usually seem to be very glaring。
But fact,This is a process that has a lot of accumulation。
And under this mentality and ideas,Palace clearly found that he suddenly wanted to eat resources.。
Because when he saw the resources that have no people in each place,I feel that it is a shameful waste.。
But finally,He still try to restrain your desire.。
after all,IGThis side needs development,Not only one person。
certainly,The resources that others can’t eat are eaten.,This is no problem.?