She slowly:“Reward?”

Xiao Yu is difficult:“Square talent,The moon has been short-lived.,Now it is shaking by the clouds.。”
——Once lying,Just use a life to lie。
Sure enough。
This is a tearful lesson,Now,It is oscillating。
What is called“The moon has been short-lived.”?
Is it coming to play with you?,Then I hide and hide.?
Xiao surnamed male lie technology,The top more deceived the grass。
Nineteenth chapter
The disciples of all sectors gathered in a flat, horizontal air land.。
It has been enveloped here,Waiting for idlers unable to detect,Don’t close。
Each door,Take the most eye-catching in Xian Yu。
“Look,That is the disciple of Xian Yu。”
“I heard that their music is hurting.,Even if there is a spiritual force, it is difficult to prepare。”
“I have heard of it.,However, there is always the strength of each Xian Yu party.,It should be that they have this strong person.。”
“Xian Yu sent a few brothers who were standing in the forefront. I saw very like.。”
The discussion is circulated between the disciples,Among them, there were three words in three words to fall into the ears of Xian Yu.。
Xian Yu School leader brother iron blue face,Feel angry:“conspiracy!This is the conspiracy to be aimed at our Xian Yu!”
Some disciples don’t understand,Carefully ask:“Brother,What does this say from??”
The leader of the leader is indignant:“Release this inexpensive message before opening the building,Make other entries to my fairness,I can’t say that you will become the sky.。What kind of people who are in a bad person,Thoughts,Can be imagined。”
“This……Not to say,Is it a message that Huawang’s temperature derived??”
The leader of the leader is seriously put in a hand.:“I have a few times with Wen Yan.,I am also familiar with the disciples of Huazong.,They are all tangible people,Will not make this or more shameless。Wen Yan is talking to me,I expected that he was also cheated.,But he abides by the law,Refers to say that the people who are informing is very famous. Who。”
“This goes to the building,In addition to the disciple of Huawang,You must be careful in other entries.。”
The disciples of Xian Yupai are secretly thinking,Careful preparation to weigh other paramenors,Only when you see the search Huazong, let’s let your heart.。
Shuhua’s team。
Xie Wei, seeing the line of sight of the branch.,Asked:“Yanshi sister,What are you looking for??”
枝 抿 抿 抿 抿,Be unlikely:“I always feel in these two days.,Who is watching me?。”
That kind of feeling is unbealed, it is difficult to say,Even I guess it may be an illusion,Therefore, it is more difficult to teeth.,But not to go,The estimation of courage dots is getting neutrient。