She just fell,Just see Le Zhenxi after the blue。

“President。”Her smile gradually became brilliant,Face immediately on a layer of red cloud。
“Um!”Le Zhenxi,I infiltrated my eyes deeply looked at her,How to see so cute?,Especially when it is blushing。
Blue Xin looked at two,Playful! The two people are sparks。
“Xi Xi,I am going and face,You are accompanying your chat。 ”
Le Zhenxi heard this,Hao Hong, Hao Hong,Stand standing。
Dream soft, people can’t never shrink her existence。
at this time,The easiest way to be Blue Xin。
People who care about people happiness,How can she be unhappy??
Even if the two people are not going together,Still hope,Not?
Blue Xin is very fast and good,Buckle,Then start making a fill。
To prepare more,Her hands and feet are also short,A person can also eat dinner soon。
Le Zhenxi and Dream Sitting in the living room,Le Zhenxi is chasing apples,Dream is jealous of reading him,Brief shy,But let her feel very good。
“President,Are you not very busy today??How can I come over??”
Le Zhenxi shaves apple,Slowly looked at her,Sound line slightly dumb,“Busy working。” “Oh!”Dream soft mouth。
He talks about this simple。
The living room is in a silence。
Only Le Zhenzi’s voice ,Until the apple,Le Zhenxi handed Apple to her,I broke a slightly silent atmosphere.。
“You have nothing wrong with me?”
“what”Dream soft,Look at him some can’t solve,What she wants to say??
“What words?”She asked。
Le Zhenxi slightly eyebrows,Look at her face,I am afraid that she doesn’t know what is going on.?
“fine,How is your feet??”
“pretty good,I feel that I have never been like this for more than 20 years.。”Dream feeling this time is often accompanying,Take care of,Really happy!
“That’s good!”
immediately,The two have fallen into silence。
Dream soft although silent,But the endless peeking。
Le Zhenxi:“.”Isn’t light??