Compared with ordinary people,Xiao Song is thoughtful,Consider the problem more comprehensively,She has always been skeptical about the purpose of these two people coming to Yuxing,Why do you choose Yuxing Investment if you have money and strength? Higher starting point than Yuxing、The sea of potential companies is gone,Is it because of Fu De’s face?What’s the secret behind this?

It’s a pity that Zhu Lei can’t listen,Fu De has already fallen,I really can’t blame others for Yuxing being like this。But leave this time,Who else can help Old Zhu?
Hesitating,There was a rhythmic knock on the door outside the living room。
Song Xiaotong’s heart suddenly tense,She mute the phone,Then walked to the door lightly,Slowly look from the cat’s eyes to the outside,The strange thing is that there is no figure。
Did you knock on the wrong door??But who will stop by in the early morning??Don’t scare yourself,Xiao Song forced himself to calm down,And then crept back to the bedroom,Change clothes quickly,Organize main items。
Yuxing has gone through too many storms,Xiao Song is used to seeing it,So don’t panic,Call a car via mobile,She plans to go directly to Cai’s home,As long as Li Tianchou comes back,Yuxing’s turning point will appear。
The strange knock on the door never sounded again,Quiet outside,Observing through the cat’s eyes again is the scene just now,There is no figure。
I’m afraid I heard you wrong?Xiao Song carrying a backpack,Hold the doorknob with your left hand,Holding a wooden stick found temporarily in his right hand,I finally have a little security dependency。She is not as timid as an ordinary woman,It’s absolutely impressive when it matters。
Meditating in my heart“one two Three”,Then she suddenly opened the door,The corridor outside is sunny,Open and bright,Xiao Song’s hanging heart finally let go,Bring the door and hurry downstairs。
But just ran out of the door hole of the unit door,There was a dull knocking sound behind Xiao Song,Shocked her,She subconsciously turned her head to watch,Can’t help but stand upright,The exclamation almost blurted out。
A man in black lay motionless on the ground,The red blood is flowing slowly along the forehead,Xiao Song’s legs softened unconsciously,Suddenly raised his head and looked up,By a window on the right side of the fifth floor,A dark shadow flashes away。
“not good。”Xiao Song took a deep breath,Turn around and run,She has a strong hunch,Danger is approaching quickly,I don’t know if the man who fell just now is an enemy or a friend,I’m afraid as You Shilong said,There are already dangers around her home。
Just turned around the corner between the buildings,I saw one dressed in whiteTShirt,Oncoming man in black baseball cap,This person bowed his head,Can’t see the face,Two-handed pocket、The unhurried figure and the angle of walking intentionally or unintentionally just blocked Xiao Song’s path.。