Luo Yilin was wearing the orange-white evening gown that Mo Xiaosheng bought with her that day,The whole person looks elegant,Like an ordinary fairy,Inhumane fireworks。

Qiao Yiyi is wearing a purple dress,The soft and smooth silk wraps tightly around the body,Outlining her already bumpy figure is very conspicuous,Cool temperament,Equally fascinating。
In order to match the clothes of the two, Mo Xiaosheng,I also deliberately changed into a black suit,It looks like that。
“please,Two beauties。”Mo Xiaosheng opened the door,Gracefully made a please pose。
Luo Yilin and Qiao Yiyi put on shawls,Take the bag and walk out with him。
Wang Xuan had already been waiting outside after waiting outside the community,Leaning on the car to smoke。
Because it’s snowing today,He didn’t drive a sports car,Specially drove an extended Lincoln to pick up Mo Xiaosheng and the others。
This car is his new purchase,It’s a company car,Dedicated to receiving VIPs。
He was slightly startled when he saw Luo Yilin and Qiao Yiyi,Some were amazed by the two,Threw the cigarette in a hurry,Open the rear door,Said:“Two beauties please get in the car!”
“Thank you。”Qiao Yiyi and Luo Yilin smiled at him,Bent over and got into the car。
Wang Xuan can’t help it,After pulling the door, Xiaosheng smirked and said:“Niche,The life of one dragon and two phoenixes is okay?Imaginary?Oh,You are worthy,You can dispense the medicine yourself,Ten times a night。”
After talking he laughed loudly。
“Screw you!”