“That’s the deal guys stupid!”

Anji is very angry about this。
The old Zen master insisted on quoting till the end,Even if he makes a slight change,And now the transaction is successful,That means that the group of people who traded with the Knicks definitely paid a price that satisfied the old Zen master to complete the transaction.!
“damn it!”
Why can a rookie sell so expensive?
This is totally unreasonable!
After the news of the Knicks’ total rejection of the deal came,Many teams in the league that only quoted Xu Xuan have been talking about。
“Hey,Scott,Watching,Your double guard lineup.Tear,Gone!”
Westbrook looked at the Thunder coach Scott seriously·Brooks。
Coach Brooks rolled his eyes:“What can i do?People are not interested in our chips at all.”
“Poor Xu Xuan,I don’t know that I was traded yet.?”Westbrook shook his head and looked at the young man on the phone。
“Just got a triple double and was traded,It’s probably not an easy thing for him.”
There is sympathy in Westbrook’s voice,Playing so well in New York but getting traded,Phil·Jackson is really willing。
“I hope it’s not a blow to him.”