“Mr. Mo!”

Nangong Yunwei was overjoyed when she saw Mo Xiaosheng,Hurriedly stood up。
“Miss Nangong,Why are you here so late。”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly asked。
“Mr. Mo,I really have nowhere to go,That’s why I came to take refuge in you,Hope you can take me in for a while。”Nangong Yunwei’s slender and delicate brows furrow slightly,Some pleading。
“Miss Nangong,Is something wrong with you?”Mo Xiaosheng wondered。
Before Nangong Yunwei could speak,Mo Xiaosheng’s phone rang suddenly,He took out a look,Seeing it was from Nangong Yunxi,He handed it to Nangong Yunwei and said:“Your brother’s phone。”
“Don’t tell him i’m here。”Nangong Yunwei quickly pleaded。
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Nangong Yunwei’s words were beyond his expectation,As far as he knows,Nangong Yunxi is the one who favors his sister the most,I don’t know why Nangong Yunwei was so nervous when she saw Nangong Yunxi’s phone call。
But Mo Xiaosheng nodded and agreed,I thought it was someone’s housework,Ask yourself if it’s inconvenient。
Mo Xiaosheng just connected,Nangong Yunxi’s urgent voice came from the other end of the phone,“Mo Xiaosheng,Did my sister go to you?”
“Shouldn’t your sister be at home?,what happened,What happened?”Mo Xiaosheng asked haha。
“Do not talk nonsense,Just ask if my sister went to see you?”Nangong Yunxi cold voice。
“What do you think,Young Master Nangong,Do you think your sister will come to me?”Mo Xiaosheng asked back。
“Also,How could my sister come to you!”Nangong Yunxi said with some contempt,Then hung up。
“……”Mo Xiaosheng was speechless for a while。
He doesn’t know what Nangong Yunxi is crazy about,He despises himself so much,But his sister is here!
“thank you,Doctor Mo。”Nangong Yunwei is a little grateful。
“Miss Nangong,What’s wrong with you,Why did you come here so late?,Did you come directly from Beijing??”Mo Xiaosheng asked with concern,this late,How dangerous are two girls。
“That one,Who pay the fare?”