Peng Changyi smiled,Take a look at Kang Bin,sit down,Said:“Secretary Kang,I’ve always wanted to sit down with your man,Why hasn’t done anything,seriously,I also have concerns。”

Kang Bin saw Peng Changyi speaking sincerely,Just nodded,Say:“I understand。”
Peng Changyi said:“but,A series of things happened recently,I have to come and ask you, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee。”
As expected by Kang Bin,He was a little secretive,Said:“County Chief Peng, you’re too polite,Although our brothers don’t have much contact,,But Kang appreciates your personality,Also understand your difficulties,and so,Just tell me something,Let’s discuss together。”
Kang Bin’s attitude is also expected by Peng Changyi,He said:“recent,A lot has happened in Sanyuan,It’s all related to politics and law,Ordinarily,It shouldn’t have been my fault,But these things are all related to government work,So something,I also want to hear your opinion……”
then,Peng Changyi talked about everything from the discovery of seven corpses to the intimidation of the Huixin Iron Mine,And the security management of the mine,Wait for a package,After explaining to Kang Bin,Said:“I raised the matter of setting up a task force at the meeting twice,But Secretary Wu disagrees,He thought it was an unknown corpse,but,I heard that family members are coming,Is it still treated as an unknown corpse??This is what caused me to come to you immediately。”
Kang Bin said:“I also heard this from the public security bureau when I first came.,County Magistrate Peng,Ashamed to say,Although I am the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee,But the situation in our county is special,Everything has to be done after Secretary Wu nodded,He doesn’t nod,Is not working,You have been here for a while,You may also understand some situations,The director of the county public security bureau does not listen to me, the secretary of the political and legal committee,He was directly appointed by the secretary,I, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, is a deaf ear——Furnishings。Most of the time,A small part of the time is when I have to bear the responsibility,Just remembered,I can’t control not only politics,It’s about organizing the mouth,I am also a decoration,no way,I’ve been here for so many years,I’m used to it。say something,No one listens,Also unpleasant,It’s better not to say,and so,Over time, he will develop well、Yes yes yes。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Took a sip of water,Keep listening to him。
“Originally,I agreed to set up this task force,you know too,I raised my hand at the meeting,but,There are too few votes。in fact,Regarding the corpse found in Huangtuling,The people have solved the case for us long ago,It’s just that we are still deceiving ourselves、Just walking around there pretending to be deaf。”
Peng Changyi said:“Secretary Kang,Now that you are here,Then I will tell you something,I haven’t told anyone,some days ago,Secretary Zhai called me and scolded me severely for this.,Scold me so fiercely,Just ask me if I still want to do it!He is very dissatisfied with such a thing in our county,Even more dissatisfied with our underreporting,I was a bit wronged,It’s for you and Youfu Secretary。and so,I’m looking for you,I just want to agree with you,We do the work of standing committee members,Strive to establish this task force and the Mining Bureau as soon as possible,To work on。”
Kang Bin,Secretary of Jin’an Municipal Party Committee is not satisfied with Sanyuan,But not criticizing Wu Youfu,Just call the county magistrate to scold him,There is trust in this curse,It even contains some special treatment,There must be something else。No matter how good Wu Youfu is,Big hand,That is in Sanyuan,He is nothing in Jinan,If the present Peng Changyi shoulders the special task of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee,Then,He is the secretary in charge of organization and political and legal work,Must be aware of current affairs,Resolutely stand with Peng Changyi,Anyone else can remain neutral,Only he can’t,Because he is the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee,Either left or right,Not stand with Peng Changyi,Just stand with Wu Youfu,He would not stand with Wu Youfu,He may not object to Wu Youfu,But won’t go with them,Thought of here,He tentatively asked:
“Secretary Zhai also knows about this?”
“Hey,What can be hidden from the leader。”Peng Changyi grinned and said。
“How did Secretary Zhai instruct??”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Secretary Zhai’s opinion is very clear,Set up a task force,County leaders must personally catch,So i thought of you,If you have no opinion,I will report to Secretary Zhai,You take the lead,how about it?”