“I mean the same as Xiaoyun said,I also think Wang Lin’s words are credible,He should be really unaware,It’s just being used as a postman by Song Junming。”

Yang Shiyun expressed his judgment to everyone。
“Song Junming didn’t see Wang Linzhen as a friend either,Otherwise, why don’t you even tell him the truth?,This grandson is really a bitch,Even my own buddies play。”
Qin Liang said a few words casually。“Song Junming can’t be shut down,He can’t tell Wang Lin the truth,You guys want;If Wang Lin knew he was going to give something to a wanted criminal,Will he still agree??He is not stupid,Do it yourself,Unless his brain was kicked by a donkey,Otherwise no one will agree
Liu Xiaoyun said lightly。“So the next thing we have to consider is;What role did Song Junming and Liu Jian play in this case??”
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The first thousand eight hundred and sixty-four chapters Fu Nai He
? “Why are they both so concerned about rescue‘Skin monkey’?If it’s just out of good faith,,Both of them are police,I know clearly what the consequences of participating in this matter are,How much risk to take,and so,in my opinion;They are in this case,
Must also be pivotal roles!”
Yang Shiyun analyzes it in an orderly manner……
“Liu Xiaoyun,what do you say?”
Director Huang looked at Liu Xiaoyun with expectation and asked。“I think……This case may be much more serious than we thought!‘Skin monkey’Wanted because of smuggled guns and ammunition,Song Junming and Liu Jian are police,Think about it;If the three of them are arms dealers and introducers,Then this thing is terrible