Converged sound in the void。

Xian Yu Tongfang is slightly cold,The fierce scorpion is looking forward to the ten party void,But where, find the shadow of the mixed circle。
It came to the disturbing snoring of chaos in the distance,His metamorphosis is still crazy in the void.,The flame gradually becoming weak,His gods are completely collapsed。
Xian Yu Tong face color,Watching the void,His figure is step by step to the Monte Mon,But when I came to the edge of the Arrange Temple,Xian Yu is stopped.。
“Damn,Despicable people,I let you die!”
Xian Yu turned back and disappeared in the empty。
There is an abyss area in the junction area of Taihua and Mono Temple.,A circle floating on the ground in the deep abyss,It is mixed loop。
Depth of mixing circles。
Lin Feng and others come in。
“Say it,Tomb,Are you a Yuanmeng?!”Lin Feng looked at the three German people laughed。
This guy is a chaotic king misadien thinking,Now you can skillfully control the mixing loop,When you dig your own soil,That mixed cycle,I am afraid that it is related to this guy.。
“Lin Big,Do you think that this is a wretched look like Yuan Shi Tian Wang??”Golden Dragon takes the three German people’s shoulder。
“good,Wretched king,Is it a beauty?。”Tiger Wang smiles to the East Yusong。
“Tiger King,I can’t see you long-awaited.。”Eastern Yin Charming laughs。
“Ha ha,it is necessary,More handsome than him,Follow me later。”Tiger Wang haha laughs and laughs,Directly reach out and stop the arnils of the Oriental Yin。
“roll,Dare to touch my wife!”
Lin Feng gone,One foot is on the waist of the Tiger King,Directly flew out,Come to a dog。
“Your despicable guy,Boss’s woman dare to move!”Golden Dragon is a smoke,A sentence,Pounce directly,One foot is on the ass to the Tiger King,The scream of the Tiger Wang。
“Golden dragon,Dare to knock me,You last steady talents to take a shower!”
The voice of the tiger king。
“This is the dragon and white tiger family?”The people and the robbery have wiped a cold sweat road.。
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Chapter 147 Incorporate
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“cough,Don’t mess with you,The image of the dragon and the white tag is lost by you.。( )”Lin Feng hurriedly walked up and kalried two guys.。
“What’s the big deal,Laozi looks,How much is Dragon beauty?,Body is hot and easy to push down!”Golden dragon spit a smoking hallway。
Just when the golden dragon just said,Suddenly I feel two chills。
He carefully turned to see the two people and the people of the world and the two guys stared at themselves.。
“Dragon’s defeat!”
“How can Dragon be born??”
The world’s robbery and the people in the past, the two people are good, the dragon is half a step.,In the dragon, it is also the upper part of the equity character.,Even if you have a joke around Lin Feng, it is not too much.。
More time, the robbery and the people who have retained the dragon’s aristocratic etiquette。
But now I saw the golden dragon?
How does this guy look like the kind of street scorpion?,Dragon’s aristocracy,Cultivation is found at this guy.。
The same is the same as the guy named Tiger Wang.,What Whita Tin’s aristocracy,Culture is not。
“Two old,Your face is so bad?Is it sick??”The golden dragon took a pack of smoke and smiled and walked over.:“Come,Tissue,Happy!”
He directly took out the two roots directly。