Nine Mono opens big,Invincible,Once you get,Fundamental no one can block。

Blood is constantly splashing,Corpse constantly fell,Blood mist in the air,The pungent bloody flavor is moving。
These fierce gods,At this moment, it becomes slaughtered lamb.,Screaming,No matter what you don’t care。
But they finally desperate。
In the crowd,A young youth,Handheld two surgery knife,Simply like a devil,Bloody,Ruthless slaughter。
But he quickly lost his interest.,Body shape flashing,Quickly chase in the direction of the summer。
the other side。
Summer is already chasing Wood and Irene。
“Kill god,Don’t you want to save your sister??”
Wood and Allen,The face is dignified and it is difficult to see the pole。
Even if the combustion power of the two has reached the prohibition,They don’t think it can block the summer attack。
He is an overlord,Is the existence of the same level。
More about it is not long ago,He also killed the Death Reno of Hell in China.。
The two are very clear,Foundation hard,Only use weaknesses to make the other party。
Night,Take a step forward in summer。
Step down,Cracked concrete ground。
See this scene,Wood and Irene eyelid jump,Underground。
Irene quickly accelerated speed,“Kill god,I can tell you,Although we don’t catch your sister,But she has already in our poison,If there is no antidote,She will die。”
Wood’s face has not been proud and cold,Concatenation,“We can give you medicine,But you have to let us go,This thing is here,How do you see?”
no answer。
Summer continuous walking。
Every step is falling,The ground under the feet is in frying,The earth is even trembled,It’s like a thousand wars in the sky.。
His momentum is also climbing。