——What is true friendship?

——This is true friendship。
Won’t be jealous,I only care about whether he can eat it。
He answered confidently:“This is no problem,I am very healthy。”
“You have to pay attention,”Zhan Lidao,“Best wearT,Those people are messy,Don’t be infectious。”
“This must drop,”Fang Haodao,“Even if it is not infectious,It’s not good to kill people。”
He still has this self-consciousness。
Not the kind of person who can’t trust,Who can do that kind of true negative distance contact with confidence??
“Do you still have time to come to me??”Zhan Li asked some worried。
“I will make time to come。”Fang Haodao。
He comes this time,The only thing that counts as work,To attend the fan meeting。
But the fan meeting will be a few days away。
After that, I just fooled around with the female artists of Shise Entertainment。
“Actually you can move to the capital,”Zhan Lidao,“There are a lot of people in Beijing,Those first-line TVs also have studios here,You are more suitable for development here。”
If Fang Hao can come to the capital,Those two are in the same city,It’s much easier to meet。
Fang Hao shook his head:“Forget it,There are many paparazzi here,Too unfree。I don’t mix this circle much,No need to come to capital。”
He doesn’t mix in the showbiz,Don’t mix up,He doesn’t even have any circles。