There is already a hint of cry in Guo Miaomiao’s voice:“but……But he already has a girlfriend……”

“If you have a girlfriend, you can change it?”Gu Mu disagrees,“You can change your shoes if they don’t fit,Can’t you change your girlfriend??”
He said to Guo Miaomiao:“As long as that kid is willing to marry you,I will help him out of this predicament。”
Chapter Two and Forty The man who has the grace to repay
Fang Hao and Zhan Li didn’t chat with each other on WeChat,But after Zhan Li reposted Fang Hao’s Weibo to support,The two of them also started to connect on WeChat。
But with Qu Wan’er、Chi Jiao has no contact。
Both people have some difficulties in the circle,Zhan Li hasn’t been able to film in a few years,participate《Footprints of youth》It was the first show she received a few years after returning to China。
in this aspect,Two people have more common topics。
That is to pour out grievances against this circle。
To Zhan Li,Fang Hao didn’t hide it,I told why Wang Xiaochun wanted to hack himself:“That pig wants me to sign with her company,Want me to marry her,How could i agree?Even if Fang Hao can’t get a foothold in this circle,It’s impossible to agree to her request。”
Zhan Li praised his integrity:“That’s how a man should be,How can you lose the dignity of a man for a little benefit??”
She said to Fang Hao:“I think that fat woman has an improper relationship with the male artists in her company,This fishy cat,Can’t just steal it once。She can speak such disgusting things so arrogantly,It doesn’t look like I’ve only done it once。”
“I also think so,”Fang Hao said,“This circle is too dirty。”
“Yes yes yes,I also think this circle is too dirty,”Zhan Lidao,“A person with a little independent personality,It’s very difficult to mix in this circle。just like me,Have a little idea,Unwilling to obey their mercy,Unite and block me。But I will not give in to them,Block it, block it,I am not afraid!”
Fang Hao immediately praised:“Sister Li, you have a personality,Is one of the few people I admire in this circle。”
Two people are condemning this dirty entertainment industry,Reached a consensus。
But they all know,This circle is dirty is dirty,But the money comes fast。