Qin Liang asked seriously。

“Because you always talk nonsense!”
Meizi bit her head and replied,Actually she wanted to say:Because you said something you shouldn’t say!But she was not ashamed to speak so directly。
“Ugh,I knew I wouldn’t come to the zoo with you,Good now,Come to a zoo,I won’t let my family back,Went to live in the lunatic asylum。”
Qin Liang deliberately said with regret。
“Can’t just send it to the lunatic asylum,It has to be the one that binds you up。”
Meizi probably feels that sending Qin Liang to the lunatic asylum is not enough to relieve her anger,So I added two more sentences。
“I have a hasty,So cruel?You are still a policeman!You are too cruel,Didn’t you even plan to eat it for me??”
Chapter three hundred and ninety four Why bite me
Qin Liang asked eagerly。
“Yep,No food。”
Meizi said angrily。
“Okay,This is going to execute me directly。”
Qin Liang happily replied,Anyway, we have to wait for the three of Shen Ruoxue to come back,Idle is idle,Playing tricks with these beautiful little beauties,It’s also a lot of fun。
Everyone is sitting or standing listening to Qin Liang and Meizi,Li Qiaoer speaks,Murong Xiaoyao and Xiao Yuer sat side by side on a big rock closer to the lake,Two people listen attentively,But forgot that there are a large group of water birds and the ten swans behind!
Originally, everyone was still holding half of the bread that hadn’t finished feeding the swans,Murong Qiaoyao and Xiao Yuer are the same,But they both sit too close to the water,And Murong Xiaoyao’s hand holding the bread happened to fall beside him,I was seen by the two swans closest to her,Immediately swam to her side……
A swan first pecked the bread in her hand,It turned out to be bitten with the bread in my hand!