“Tell me your opinion,I don’t know about Ren Xiaoliang。”Zhai Ji took a sip of water and said。

Jiang Fan hesitated,After thinking about it:“Say from there?Compared with Peng Changyi, his only advantage is that he has the work experience of the top party committee leader,Nothing else。”
“Various aspects。”
Jiang Fan thought,Just say,I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to say it if I don’t say it now,then,Heartedly said:“He is not as good as Peng Changyi on work attitude,On the work enthusiasm is not as good as Peng Changyi Gao,Not as good as Peng Changyi,University of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers。Peng Changyi works rigorously,Principled,Dare to fight hard,He is afraid of offending people,These ones,He is not as good as Peng Changyi。In addition,He got involved in the normal work of the Foundation,Most of the loans released are favor loans,Currently this foundation is almost out of control,The director of the foundation is empty,The mass base is not as good as Peng Changyi。”
Jiang Fan thinks Zhai Bingde seems to know something,Just say:“This one,Not easy to say。”
“You know,People in officialdom,Someone will always say something invisible,So this is hard to say。”
Jiang Fan smiled awkwardly,Thought,Zhai Ji deliberately wanted to put me behind his back to slander comrades.,Just smiled and said:“If those are irresponsible, it’s better not to learn。”Jiang Fan used it“parrot”Two words。
Jiang Fan smiled,Heart said,How can I decide,Just said:“I believe you,Do what you say,I respect the wishes of the organization。”
Jiang Fan didn’t figure out any tendency from these words,This may also be the charm of big leaders。But he still seems to learn from other words,I can tell that at least he has a good impression of Peng Changyi,And it’s also a tone of appreciation,It’s just that Ren Xiaoliang didn’t show his own inclinations。
Jiang Fan was taken aback,Did not speak,He couldn’t figure out what Zhai Bingde meant。
Jiang Fan said:“Ok,There is this。”
Jiang Fan didn’t say anything,He said in his heart:You don’t know much。