How to create a good environment for your baby to sleep

How to create a good environment for your baby to sleep

Babies need scientific sleep, so what should mothers do?

It is very important for the new mother to create a good sleeping environment for the newborn. In the newborn period, the newborn baby is almost asleep except for breastfeeding time. The newborn needs to sleep for more than 20 hours a day.

  The amount and quality of sleep to some extent determines whether he developed well during this period.

Therefore, it is also important to take good care of your baby’s sleep.

So, how to create a good sleeping environment?

  First, the light in the bedroom should be moderate and not too bright.

Because the baby likes to sleep in a dark environment, the light should be soft and hazy.

  The second is to make sense to sleep, try to get closer to the baby’s bed.

The farther you are from the crib, the better your baby can wake up in your dreams. So, sit near the crib to feed or coax the baby to sleep.

It is now recommended that the baby’s crib should be placed next to the mother’s bed or the mother and baby share the same bed.

  The third is to make the bed before coaxing the baby to sleep.

Your baby may wake up at any time if you use one hand to remove items from the bed or make a bed.

If you put your baby down from the left (right), put your baby on your left (right) arm to feed or sleep.

It is best not to lean the crib against the wall so that the baby can lie in from both sides.

  The fourth is to keep the mother and baby in contact.

It is easy to startle because of leaving mother’s arms suddenly, then wake up.

At this time, you need to lay down the baby while gently coaxing it. After the baby sleeps well, he will stay with his hand for a while, or hum some lullaby or say some rhythmic wordsFall asleep peacefully.

  Tips: The new mother must establish a good sleeping environment for the baby, which is related to the growth of the baby. Therefore, if you want the newborn to sleep peacefully, you must create a peaceful sleeping environment for the baby.

I hope that mothers can take care early.