Middle-aged women are heavy in rainwater,The umbrella in your hand also fell。

“Love……”The small flower ran in the past,“Love, you will go.,Hoot……”“Hahaha,Small wild species are still quite eventually。”
The young woman named Bai Zhiwu is laughing.。
His laugh,More than a dozen big men in the weeks and laugh at the same time。
“Don’t see the small wild species looks thin bones,But she is a beautiful billet。”
If you look around,“I dare to guarantee,A few years later,Absolutely falling like a flower,Hahaha。”
Weekly dog legs also exposed http://www.sannianjiuban.cnthe evil smile,That kind, more abundance and more evil。
“Small flower,I am fine.……”Middle-aged woman to comfort the pain comfort,And then stand up。
“Small seed,Your grandfather leaves something?,Give me。”
Bai Zhi Ruo is in the eyes,“As long as you give me,I not only for you to eat.,Will live a big house,And take you to the amusement park……”The whole flower of the small flower has been soaked by rain.,She doesn’t dare to see youth,Low head,Like a child who made mistakes,Low voice,“I don’t know what grandfather has.,You have also found it several times.……”“The small wild species is still so do not lift it.。”
Youth evil,Several steps,Suddenly, I’m going out.。
At the same time,“Give a watery,If you don’t make things,I will sink you to Liuhe today.。”
Face this feet,The little flower does not dare to hide at all,Also hiding。
She is just a eight-year-old little girl。
Up to last time,It’s okay to hurt a few days.。
She is even so comfortable。
She just don’t understand,Why is the uncle Boke in the village?,Why do these people are so bad in front of you?。
Seeing this powerful feet,It is necessary to get on the small flower.。
Just like this,Suddenly a sharp arc is over halflight,Brought a curtain。
That is a half-skin brick,Tied to strike a young head。
I don’t know how much this is,Youth original legs lift,This is standing unstable,This remember hitting the ground。http://www.nanninglianlv.cn
Whole head is broken。
“I am……”Youth painful big,Then the eyelids,During the past。
More than a dozen big men in the body,Surrounded by。
at the same time,Shabby small yard,Go out one person,A young man。
It is summer。
“Big brother?”