“The following may have a spirit of Lingshi under the Tangyang mining area.!”Honghai Road。

“Lingshi!”Beihai Wen Yan was shocked,He can’t think of this, there is such a thing under this Tang Mining area.。
“Lingshi!”Lin Feng heard the words,He is not very clear about these things,He only saw the record of Lingshi。
“The so-called spiritual stone is an integrated heaven and earth atrial concentration,Stone formed,Big brother,Do you know whom you know some of the jade??Some even worth 100 million yuan。”Honghai looked at Lin Feng Road。
“Is there a aura in it??”Lin Feng asked。
“good,Those who have an aura contained in jade,Just aura,Very value,Lingshi,All is condensed by the atrial concentration。”Hong Hai explained。
http://www.qdscy.cn “No wonder so value money!”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Value is the secondary,The most important thing to take a piece of spirit,You can not worry about the withered,Allowance。”Hong Hai laughs:“Even the master above the martial art also eye is hot。”
“It’s so fierce who can’t compete for it.,It is also difficult to Sakura,People like Puxi Jing also come。”Lin Feng nodded。
“Of course, they also take this opportunity to compete for the gambling。”Hong Hai explained:“So this time, the flush is so fierce.。”
“No wonder that blonde man has always stared at me.,似乎想出手,只是被压制下来了,那金发男子应该是浦西京吧?”林枫望向山下金发男子的背影道。
“我knew,All right,洪海,逝者已逝,不要难过了,珍惜眼前的兄弟。”林枫笑着道:“晚上好好休息,明日我要会会川岛洛樱和浦西京俩人。”
他直接拨通了http://www.yygezi.cn二虎的电话,电话那边顷刻之间传来了二虎的声音:“Maple brother,我们晚上22:00开始出发。”
“放心,事情全部办妥,嫂子就是财大气粗,Other have money to compete,Directly to be strong,Smash down。”Two tigers laugh。
“How much?”Lin Feng can’t help but ask。
“30100 million!Originally, the block is also15Billion price,It is argued,Lift to20100 million,The nephew is angry directly to raise10100 million,The result of the scene of the scene。”Two Tiger Road:“The government is also happy,The plot is directly available to us。”
“She personally gone?Is it?”Lin Feng’s asked,After all, Bechang’s father is。
“How is it inconvenient??Not a low price bidding,But the market price1Prices,Who dares to say three four,And this money is also。”Two Tiger Road。
“That’s good,30There are not many billions,Behind our headquarters。”Lin Feng nodded:“Six Security Company,Jewelry http://www.yelangedu.cn companies are there。”
“Depend on,Maple brother,You are really developing now.,30Billion is not in the eyes。”Erhunie can’t help but swallow the waterway。
“Hey-hey,I will know when you come.,This scene is extremely grand,Ten thousand billion,Even live。”Lin Feng smiled:“好了,Be careful on the road。”
“知道了,枫哥!”Erhu heard the title,I immediately hang up the phone。
Lin Feng put down the phone,His figure came to the bedroom,When you are ready to rest,But I feel a Chinese murder,This murder is like a volcano,Be terrible。
“not good!”Lin Feng face madness。
At this moment,A voice of the gods blasted the sound of the void,Lin Feng hurriedly dodge,But it is a late step.,His ribs came up with a pain,His flesh and blood felt。
next moment,The pain of the pain began to be filled,Sweep。
“poisonous!”Lin Feng’s mind flashed such a thought。