“Oh shit,I’m angry when I mention this!”

Bald teeth,Angry voice,“That damn Mo Xiaosheng,Monkey spirit monkey spirit,I even knew I was going to return the bracelet,I have suffered a great loss!”
“Hehe,No matter how smart he is,Didn’t you still get killed by you?!”
Emboli squatting on the ground with his hands hugging his knees,Hehe smiled。
“Humph,He specified that I thought he was holding the bracelet and I would not dare to drop him,Now let him hold the bracelet and be a ghost!”
Bald snorted coldly。
“Bald brother,You said,Will they do that before they die?!”
Shuanzi showed a slightly wretched smile,Thinking of Annina’s beautiful face and devilish figure,He couldn’t help but drool,Although Mo Xiaosheng is dead,But the peony is dead,Be a ghost,If you change to him,He must force Annina to do that with him before dying。
“Who knows!”
Bald also followed with a smile,Anina’s body was much plumper than an Asian woman appeared before her eyes。
Just when they are talking,A black figure walked quickly from the direction of the conference hall,After the light shines on his face,Bald and Shuan recognized,YesXSOrganized mixed male,Chuanzi couldn’t help getting nervous,But Bald has a calm face。
I saw the mixed-race man walked up to them and smiled at them back and forth,Said:“You did a good job this time,Na,This is money for you,There are two million in it!”
The mixed-race man said and took out a bank card from his arms,Hand it to the bald。
Emboli’s eyes widened suddenly,Then I knew that Mo Xiaosheng and Anina were going to die,Turned out to be him!
Bald took the card,Smiled:“How do you know they will find me to lead the way?”
In fact, before Mo Xiaosheng found a bald man to lead the way,The mixed-race man found him,Made a deal with him。
“I’ve seen it long ago,Mo Xiaosheng is very curious about the forest!Must go in!”
The mixed-race man sneered,Said confidently,“The so-called curiosity killed the cat,Now the cat is finally dead!”