Zhou Pu is eating,Did not answer the call。

Got it。
This is a fan of Xiaofeng again!
“So,People are taking work very seriously,Give you face,Give me face,It’s to give Shanhaiwang face。”Lan Xin Road,“I just said,Can be so good with Zhu Mei,There hasn’t been any overbearing teenager,How could it be difficult to serve?”
“This is,After all‘Sister Zhangyi Wushuang Xiaofeng’Well,How could it be bad?”Zhou Pu Jashou Road,“I heard that Lao Du’s crew from the previous two months,That’s He Guangyuan,Isn’t it a first-rate niche?People come to Hengdian to film,All other crew members live four-star,He alone is not a five-star,And there are three executive suites connected……This is just accommodation!
Look at our teacher Lu,One small suite is enough。And I heard Old Qin say,Teacher Ren who plays the county guard is inconvenient because of his age,So that small suite with the best location,He just changed to Teacher Ren,I changed to the corner by myself!
And eat now,Our previous crew,Dare not say all,At least for young male and female actors,You will come alone when you order, right??Not six dishes and one soup, at least four dishes and one soup,I have to eat at my own table。Where is it like him and Yiyi,Just grab a box lunch and eat it?”
“How else,People16He has his current achievements at the age of?”Lan Xin agreed,“Those flaunting、Going crazy,Where can I go far?”
“so,Our crew is lucky!”Zhou Pu smiled,“Watch it,Although Shanhai.com spent so much money this time,But it’s definitely value for money!Chinese TV series,There will be another drama!”
Listen to this,Lan Xin couldn’t hide his smile。
《Young Di Renjie》But her script,Like her son。
If you can shoot the level of the drama,That would not disappoint my hard work!