Lu Qingyun played a very good role as a bridge。

Because it is technical,Get started quickly。
The team of engineers participating in verification tests for China is too large,It’s impossible for everyone to find Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin if they have any questions.,So Lu Qingyun took on the problem summary,And sorted by priority,The important task of communicating with Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin。
This is probably the most important purpose for Yu Xingwei to mention Lu Qingyun to his current position。
Others to communicate,Because the two sides have different understandings of a technical parameter,May directly affect the relationship between the two parties。
But let Lu Qingyun go up, obviously there is no trouble in this regard。
Whether it’s the father-in-law slapped the son-in-law on the table,Or the son-in-law patted the table at the father-in-law,It’s all conflicts within the family。Just say a few words in the middle of being a daughter at most……
Of course, it is more likely that both parties can always maintain a harmonious and friendly atmosphere of father, kindness and filial piety to discuss issues.。
Of course, this is also a good way of communication for Lu Yuxin and Lu Qingyun。
Basically, three people need video communication for more than three hours every day,Most of the other time is also used for remote sharing operations through the super fast virtual machine developed by Wang Yufei。
Each problem is quickly resolved under this kind of full and unreserved communication between the two parties。
For example, Wang Yufei analyzed the activity patterns of some information from the massive brain activity data obtained from Gao Deyuan’s laboratory.,Then design a separate module and computing unit,With a unique algorithm,To filter and homogenize invalid information。
But this module is in the eyes of engineers who don’t understand Wang Yufei’s design ideas.,Will feel conflicted with the information filtering function in another receiving module,So at this time, only Wang Yufei explained in detail the difference between the two filtered signals.,And give the test data here to be convincing。
Such days are called so fast。
Weihua is very efficient,There are a lot of questions to communicate every day。
In order to ensure the success rate of tapeout,Any minor error in the professional laboratory,Both need both parties again and again,Communicate the initial design again and again。
This kind of work is different from the previous two people working behind closed doors at home。
After all, you can’t delay people’s progress,And doing things for the engineers in China is known as desperate。