Didn’t let Gao Deyuan wait long,Xingcheng called。

Confirmed the voice,Is a high school student。
“Hello,Is it Professor Gao??”
“Yes,You are the Wang Yufei whom Teacher Yuan called to recommend。”Gao Deyuan asked kindly。
“Yes,Professor Gao。Sorry to interrupt you,But the research you’re presiding over and my ideas just reinforce each other,So I took the liberty to ask for your contact information。Why don’t I report to you some of the results of previous research?。”
“But you also know,Technical stuff,I have trouble dictating,I developed a software,It’s convenient to share information and explain,How about I pass the software to you,I can explain my thoughts to you directly online。”
He didn’t give Gao Deyuan a chance to chip in at all,Wang Yufei said in one breath。
Wang Yufei did it on purpose。
The experience of the Olympic Winter Training Camp made him realize that he and Lu Yuxin are really different from others。
So his age and identity are too confusing。
Especially when you want to talk about business,Obviously he and Lu Yuxin are really serious conscientious suggestions,But it’s very likely that those who fall into the ears of those adults will treat these words as if they were young adults。
This is actually very embarrassing。
For example, what he gave to Ge Lingyue and Lin Junsheng was very conscientious advice。But the two obviously didn’t take it to heart。
So technical issues,Wang Yufei chose a quick knife to cut the mess。