Drinking afternoon tea is a taste of performance.


Drinking afternoon tea is a taste of performance.

Drink afternoon tea, no matter what the taste of performance.

Studies have shown that drinking tea can also help you withstand the invasion of royal diabetes and heart disease. The most vomiting thing is to drink tea and lose weight. What are you waiting for, drink it!

銆€銆€Fragrant green tea: preventive and preventive health: it promotes the body’s metabolism and helps prevent complications and senile dementia.

銆€銆€Expert opinion: A study conducted by a university in Boston, USA, showed that the soaked green tea contains a substance called EGCG, an antioxidant that blocks the malignant transformation of cells while preventing the acceleration of malignant transformation.

The study was published last year in the American Journal of Medical Nutrition.

銆€銆€The EGCG in a cup of tea can also cause a 37% reduction in the risk of mental decline.

Two cups of tea can reduce the risk by 50%.

銆€銆€When it comes to losing weight, it is a woman who will be very excited.

Green tea, and the effect of helping you lose weight.

A study published years ago showed that people who drank an average of 3 cups of green tea a day consumed 4% more calories than those who did not.

Later, a series of studies confirmed this result.

Among them, the most important ingredient in green tea is EGCG.

銆€銆€Drink some green tea, but also help the skin resist the sun’s damage.

Studies have shown that ultraviolet light in sunlight is a source of skin aging and skin cancer, while active ingredients (flavonoids, etc.) in green tea are resistant to this damage.

This is the reason why too much anti-aging skin care products are often added to green tea extracts.

銆€銆€Caffeine in green tea can stimulate the central nervous system of the brain, prolong the brain’s waking time, and make your thinking clear and sharp.

Japanese people eat sashimi and mustard mustard and drink green tea, because tea has a good inhibitory effect on bacteria causing diarrhea such as Vibrio cholerae and Shigella, which can reduce the risk that sashimi can cause to the human body.

銆€銆€Rich black tea: Helps fight heart disease for health: it helps fight heart disease and ovarian cancer.

銆€銆€Expert opinion: Drinking more than 3 cups of black tea a day can reduce your chances of getting high blood pressure by 11%. This is the good news that British scientists have discovered after 14 years of research.

Moreover, whether it is a tea bag or a tea in bulk, its nutritional value is exactly the same.

銆€銆€It is always black tea, and green tea can also fight against one of the most terrible diseases of women, ovarian cancer.

According to a Swedish study published in the American Journal of Internal Medicine, drinking a cup of tea a day can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 24%; drinking two cups can reduce the risk by 46%.

銆€銆€Tip: brewing tea, speaking method, has a taste of 1.

The water temperature of the tea is the first thing to pay attention to.

If you are brewing black tea, you should use boiling water; but if you make green tea, you don’t need that high temperature. Otherwise, it will not only hurt the tea, but also make the tea too bitter.

After the water is boiled, put it on for another 10 minutes.

At this time, the water temperature is just right for taking green tea.


Tea time is also stressful.

Green tea, 1 minute is enough, black tea, it takes 3-5 minutes.

In this case, it is possible to let the antioxidants in the tea “run” without causing too much bitterness in the tea soup.

Also don’t let the tea stay in the water all the time. The strong tea is too embarrassing and it is easy to hurt the stomach.

If you dump the tea leaves and put the tea in a vacuum flask, it is an acceptable method.


Some people drink tea and are easily “excited” or feel uncomfortable in the stomach. That is the relationship between caffeine in tea.

You can also 鈥渞emove鈥?caffeine while enjoying the nutrition of the tea, and minimize this 鈥渁synchronous鈥?

The method is: when making tea, the first water is soaked for 30 seconds, then poured off, and then brewed according to the conventional procedure.

Of course, you can also drink caffeine and tea tannins for priority black tea.銆€銆€Drinking tea, good time, is more scientific. Do not drink tea before meals or before going to bed, but drink tea after meals or meals.

This is because drinking tea before a meal is easy to stimulate the stomach (especially green tea), and drinking tea before going to bed can easily affect sleep.

Tea contains carbonic acid, which affects iron absorption.

Therefore, people with iron deficiency anemia should drink tea between meals, and it is best not to drink tea while eating meat, so as not to affect the absorption of iron.

銆€銆€Do not take the medicine with tea, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.

People with high blood pressure, high blood pressure disease and kidney disease should follow the doctor’s instructions to control the amount of tea conversion, or even eat.

People with iron deficiency anemia should drink tea between meals and meals, and avoid drinking tea when eating meat, so as not to affect the absorption of iron.