Summer teaches you to choose a mat for your baby

Summer teaches you to choose a mat for your baby

Nowadays, people have used the mats one after another.

However, there are many types of mats on the market, and only when properly selected can you enjoy the coolness without harming your health.

Straw mats are woven from rushes, pampas grasses, malan grasses, etc., with soft materials, strong affinity to the skin, and reduced coolness. They are loved by the elderly and those with weak constitutions.

According to experts, infants and young children are best off sleeping mats, because their nervous systems are not yet mature, their body temperature regulation is weak, and their ability to adapt to cold and heat is poor. Bamboo mats and cowhide mats tend to keep children cold and should not be replaced.

When sleeping, it is best to cover with a small quilt and wear thin trousers.

But one of the major drawbacks of straw mats is that they are prone to parasites.

Before using the new straw mat, it is best to expose it to the sun, pat it repeatedly, wipe off the dust with warm water, and then dry it in a cool place.

When the old straw mat is re-used the next year, wipe it with disinfectant water or wash the mildew with soapy water; the straw mat used every day will be stained with sweat or dust. Wipe it with warm water before going to bed.

Bamboo mats should be long and flat, with fine fibers and a small amount of soft and tough “head green mats”.

The head is green, which is the head of the head, and the most cool and flexible.

However, the bamboo mat is very cool, and it is not suitable for the elderly, children and weak people.

Therefore, typical mats are more suitable for young people.

If the bamboo mat is uneven or larger than the bed, it is easy to be broken. Therefore, when the bamboo mat is cushioned, the bed should be kept flat to avoid damage.

In addition, bamboo mats should not be exposed to sunlight, otherwise they will become brittle.

It is best to wipe with warm water before going to bed every day, this will make the bamboo mat cooler.

Linen mat linen is a natural bundle fiber, with a natural spindle-shaped structure and unique pectin beveled pores. It will cause capillary pores when it comes into contact with the skin. It will open when heated, and can quickly absorb the sweat and quickly transformWhen you go out, close it when it is cold, save the heat, the most accurate air permeability, hygroscopicity and dehumidity, the actual temperature of the human body at room temperature is reduced by about 4 ° C.Elderly and children.

In addition, the linen mat has the advantage of good hygiene, which can inhibit the growth of flour and microorganisms.

However, there are a lot of linen mats on the market that are not of high quality. After use, they feel sultry and airtight, and they have a hairy feeling, which makes people feel itchy.

When selecting from the appearance, you can identify the authenticity from the following aspects: from the appearance, the authentic linen is slightly milky and the fabric is clear; the color of the defective product is slightly yellow and the texture is not clear; from the feel of the hand, the authentic is thickIt is stiff, has a certain degree of hardness, and pinches when you try to put it open, and there are fewer wrinkles; defective products are soft to the touch, there are many wrinkles after pinching, and it is not easy to recover;After contact with defective products, there will be a hairy feeling.

The cowhide mat belongs to high-grade mats. It is better to use the whole buffalo leather. It has good heat dissipation, moisture resistance, moderate coolness, and the brighter it is, the higher the price.

During the use of the leather seat, the mat surface should be cleaned regularly with a slightly damp towel, but it should not be directly exposed to the sun or baked with an open flame, and it should not be washed with water. If there is any stain, just wipe it with a wet towel.

The pores and skin lines appearing on the cowhide mat are naturally formed and do not require special maintenance.

Bamboo fiber is one of today’s most technologically rich mats. The raw materials used are all from 3-4 years old, with bright color and strong and upright Hsinchu. They are cooked into bamboo pulp at high temperature, extracted fibers, made into cotton, and finally spunSilk into yarn, woven from yarn into mats.

Its softness and flexibility, without any chemical additives, is a truly environmentally friendly mat.

Because the bamboo fiber cross section is covered with large and small voids, it can absorb and evaporate water freely. Its moisture absorption and dehumidification ranks first among various fibers, and it also has unique antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Experts remind that no matter what type of mat is used, it is not appropriate to use it too low, especially do not turn on the air conditioner for a long time, otherwise, “cooling and cooling” is not good for the body, and it is more advantageous for the weak.

People who have suffered from spondylosis, periarthritis, etc. are likely to cause “overnight illness” because of sleeping on a mat at low temperature.

Therefore, it is best to wear a blanket or thin quilt to sleep at night, especially to ensure that the shoulders, spine and tibia are not cold.

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