These,I don’t want to be inexpensive.?

But the next words,What should I do?,at this point,Very important。
And Shen Xuan’s side,Others have seen Shen Xuan,Waiting for Shen Xuan’s next release。
But Shen Xuan,I still worry before。
So this now,Worried in my heart,Completely sweeping。
“Now,I am already a martial art.。”
“Major martial art,I have to listen to my order。”
Shen Xuan wants to,The more I feel good。
Since this is what it is said,So now,Shen Xuan still put these things to arrange again.。
at this time,Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,It is directly here.。
“All right,Now,The key is not tangled.。”
“Next,crucial moment,Still staring at each major,First look at what they want to do。”
Shen Xuan feels,this matter,Time,It should be necessary to solve this problem from the root cause.。
Those people around are even more。
Such a thing,In fact, there is still a need for this,Good deal with this thing。
Treat this,Shen Xuan’s face,It’s even a faint smile.。
“All right,Now,There is still this necessary to solve it.。”
Shen Xuan is, the more it feels like this.,In fact, there is still this necessary speed.。
And those people around,It’s even more。
this matter,In fact, they already know,What should I do?。
And Shen Xuan,It is a dark estimate in your heart.,How should this matter?。
at this point,Shen Xuan, the more I want to feel it.,these questions,Still should handle it quickly。
“Which master,Most difficult?”
Shen Xuan looked at the people around,Tangible。
Shen Xuan finished,The yellow doing crane is touched,This is only:“It should be Wudang!”
what,Is Wudang??
If it is really like this,This is the solution to solve it.。
What is the third chapter?,Will I am afraid?
Suzhou City,Wudang’s temporary。
at this time,There are many people in here.。
these people,Wutang。
And they gathered here,It’s more to discuss,Next series of countermeasures。
At this moment,One of them said to the eyes。
“Brother,Do we really want to do this??”