“When you want me to get rid of a,Help press the virtual in his body?”

Siki method to listen to the night,When the night is suddenly disappointed,He also wants to solve,Unfortunately, there is no body.“Virtual”the power of,This method does not apply to him。
It seems that he has no life of the protagonist.,Want to solve or have a step by step.。
For the night request,Help to suppress the escort,Night is naturally refused。
joke,He is exhausted in these days.,It is a fight with the battle.,Jingle Chunshui is full of injury,Now I want him to go with“Blank”That madman hits。
Not dry,Resolutely do not dry,In the former, he is no way for the task.,Don’t be within his mission,Night refused to make white workers。
Even if the power is strong now,But he essentially,Still a salted fish。
“The virtual in the body is very strong,Don’t you want to be with him??”
Night answer,Let the night stunned,It seems that the answer of the night,Some unexpectedly。
Because according to her from Jingle Chunshui, I heard it.,Night seems to be a battle crazy.,Jingle Spring Water wants to put them,The latter is not to have to do with him.。
So the night is also http://www.zhmsyjzy.cn thought,Night is the same,It’s all fighting madness,Shouldn’t you refuse this request?。
“Not dry,What is good to fight with a strong enemy?,You think that the knife is cut,Don’t you hurt??
Moreover,The virtual follower in the body is like a madman,I don’t want to fight with a madman.。”
Night is soft and hard,Just when I am planning to speak,But I was first opened in the night.。
“There are two hard-fashionable righteousness there.,One of the kind can be customized,how?”
Chapter 263 Night war!(Request subscription)
I hope that you will subscribe to you.,I want to break through the new subscription.,I try to find the editor to recommend it.,I have not recommended it,It’s really no power.′`
I heard the night.,Night is first stunned,Then I think of customizable“Hardcover”What is it?。
“At least five,Of course, http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn you can customize anything.,The most important thing is what I want to help friends.。”Night 哉 out of five fingers。
On the side of Kurosaki,Almost give a punch。
I have just standing here.,I’m thinking about your ghosts.。
“three,Otherwise I will help that guy,I have to get it.。”
One-time consumption of the last night,Let the Pubao store reluctantly maintained a spending,These finely decorated,It is estimated that it has to let the Pudao store financial deficit.。
“it is good,Transaction!”But this time,I have to get the goods right away.。
Night and night like this,In the three high schools of a protective and weaving,Completed dirty transactions。
At the same time, they are very curious.,“Customary”What is good?,Why can I resolutely not dry the night?,Instantly promise help。
Obviously,Leave it to a defense time is not long,He is now completing the practice of understanding.。
Practice place,It is a station that borrows Zhibo’s livelihood street.。
Zhoe empty crane is the old friend of the night,After the night expressed,Directly scratched a ground for a protection of them。
Because the ghosts, the ghosts, the ghosts are not here.,So everything from Jane。
Night only painted the corresponding surge in the ground,Let a guard start with the communication of the chopper。
And when a care is a deep heart?,His virtual,Suddenly there is a reaction。