According to Wang Yufei’s estimation of Guo Xiaoyi’s ability,Can finish all the papers he prepared during the winter vacation,There won’t be too much time to do other messy things,And the results will definitely improve。

The second-hand plan also comes from the care of my brother,I believe Guo Xiaoyi will understand。
And now for Wang Yufei,The most important work is still to deeply analyze the possible vulnerabilities of Apple’s system in front of the computer。If you really get to the stage of litigation in the end,The more chips, the better。
After the little girl who took his ID left the room,Wang Yufei also took out his phone,Open WeChat,Sent a message to Lu Yuxin:“Started to work!”
Guo Xiaoyi is very happy to start uploading data。
The staff on Weibo is really swift。Just submit the required information here,Then certified。
Guo Xiaoyi gave Wang Yufei a Weibo name of genius Yufei,Although this Weibo name is a bit high-profile,But it is16The most appropriate Weibo name in the heart of a year-old girl。
Of course, what delights Guo Xiaoyi the most is,Orange behind this Weibo nameVword,And the following certification——The original author of the second system of application treasure popular software。
If it’s not at this time, it’s ten o’clock in the night,If it’s not your parents,Guo Xiaoyi really wants to laugh three times with hands on hips:“Hahaha!My Guo Xiaoyi also has a hand gripVAccount day!”
Probably for a young girl like Guo Xiaoyi,LV’S bag may not make her happy,But there is a plusVWeibo number,But it can really bring her infinite happiness……
of course,The account is naturally used。
quickly“Genius Yufei”The first Weibo has been concocted by Guo Xiaoyi:“I know that someone must look at me now,Not as good as——Come and bite me?!”
Yes,This is an inviting remark made by a little girl who has a distinct love and hatred to Apple imitating her brother’s tone。
As for the repercussions and consequences, it’s not Guo Xiaoyi’s concern。
Wang Yufei said that he blamed Apple in front of her.。
After posting the first Weibo,Guo Xiaoyi was very happy to use Wang Yufei’s account to find her Weibo,Like every Weibo she posts,That’s why I reluctantly put the phone aside,Picked up the textbook……
I don’t want to continue playing,It’s just that I haven’t finished my homework yet!
Life is like a tragicomedy with no script and no rehearsal,You never know whether the beloved or scumbag is waiting for you at the next intersection。