And this sound“To”Came together,There is also a figure rushing into the office。

This figure,Chu Yi is familiar with——Isn’t it his old classmate??
“Where is it!At the door,did not hear!Can’t you count me late!”Wu Li repeatedly explained。
At this moment,Wu Li’s eyes,Just glanced in the direction of Chu Yi。
First55chapter Bragging is risky
“Chu Yi?”
Wu Li suddenly became embarrassed:“Why are you here?”
When I walked into the sales department,Wu Li excuses to go to the bathroom,Just to avoid Chu Yi,Lest Chu Yi find out that he is here。But did not expect,Just walked into this piece“The world of trust”,I ran into Chu Yi directly。
Wu Li only feels embarrassed。
Just outside,He brags to Chu Yi,Said he was going to buy a house here,He also said that Chu Yi can’t be a neighbor with himself,What a pity!Now this scene,It’s completely face-slapped!
“You too……”Chu Yi looked at Wu Li,Asked。The following words,Did not continue,Anyway, it means——You’re here too?
“Cough!”Wu Li smiled awkwardly,Low channel,“I’m here for the first time!This is not to secretly observe the sales in this community,Do you want to start??”
Wu Li’s forced explanation,Justified。
But at this moment,The middle-aged woman in charge of the roll call suddenly said:“Wu Li,You are a senior actor here!Chu Yi next to you is here for the first time,You are responsible for bringing him today!”