Yenching,Behind the folk music,Lin Dong’s Courtyard。

“Sister Lan,I don’t want to post it for the first ten years,I’ll prepare some songs in a few days,Get a genuine album。
The previous ones are not called albums,It should only be called a single。”
Lin Dong wants to have a five-song album,It happens to be fermented for ten years for a few days,I can guarantee the album sales。
Five songs,Price twenty,And save a song。
Don’t take the opportunity to make a wave,When are you waiting。
Try to accomplish a small goal first。
The courtyard is good,But after all, it’s not my own,after,I still have to buy a big villa myself,That’s the real peace of mind。
Chen Lan will naturally not object,Too late to be happy。
Lin Dong is right,Five songs are called albums,The previous ones are all singles,It’s just that now,A song is also called an electronic album。
This is the characteristics of the times,Internet Age,Physical album withdraw from the stage of history。
Singers from various music platforms,Make money by sending songs。
Not as troublesome as in the past,And the cost of electronic albums is also low,Earn more。
“I’ll go back to the company first,There is still a lot of work,After your song is ready,Call me。”
Chen Lan is a busy man,Lin Dong does not record singles,Naturally she can’t stay。
Goodbye to Lin Dong and Qin Xiaomi,But when I walked to the gate of the yard,What did Chen Lan suddenly think of,Turning around and said to Lin Dong:“I listen to you,Resigned,Two songs you promised her,Also start to prepare……”