Oral ulcers, what do you need to add?


Oral ulcers, what do you need to add?

There are many reasons for oral ulcers, such as oral ulcers and viral infections.

But it is undeniable that a considerable part of the oral ulcers are associated with too little nutrient replacement.

Therefore, proper diet therapy is often safe and effective for oral ulcers.

銆€銆€1, to ensure the intake of B vitamins Many oral ulcers are associated with B vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B, niacin and so on.

Many seasonal reforms are related.

Such as washing rice, steamed rice, etc., can cause a large loss of B vitamins; long-term consumption of polished rice noodles, long-term vegetarian diet, and no other supplements, it is easy to cause the loss of B vitamins.

Suggestion: It should be matched with the thickness of the staple food.

Eat more coarse rice, lean meat, milk, hard fruit food.

If there is a vegetarian habit.

Should pay attention to eating legumes and egg products, and daily supplementation of multivitamin B group of drugs (3 times a day, each time a multivitamin Bco).

銆€銆€2, pay attention to supplement lecithin.

銆€銆€There are concerns about not eating egg yolk for a long time, resulting in “bad mouth” and mouth ulcers.

The reason is the lack of possible lecithin in the egg yolk.

Suggestion: Eat 1 egg a day, long-term adherence, should be able to receive good results.

Special reminder: For patients with existing hyperlipidemia, one can eat one egg every other day, which will not lead to an increase in blood cholesterol.

At the same time, it can ensure the implantation of lecithin. Try it.

銆€銆€3, to ensure high quality protein intake.

銆€銆€High-quality protein is essential for repairing oral ulcers.

Milk, eggs, lean meat, seafood.

Beans and other products are good sources of high-quality protein, and a certain amount of intake should be guaranteed daily.

Recommendation: 1 bag of milk (250 ml), 1 egg, 2 lean meat or seafood, 2 two bean products, which can basically meet the absorption of high quality protein.

After the presence of oral ulcers, you can add 1 bag of milk or 2 eggs or 1 or 2 lean meat.

For long-term vegetarians, we must ensure the absorption of beans.

Primary protein required.

銆€銆€4, eat more fresh vegetables (0 per day.

5 kg or more) fruit (2-3 per day), drink more water (1500-2000 ml per day), supplement vitamins and trace element supplements, such as good deposit, (1 tablet per day), helpful for oral ulcers.

銆€銆€5, pay attention to oral hygiene recommendations: often appear ulcers, do not hinder the morning morning with a light salt water gargle, may have a certain effect.