Talk about sexual requirements in secret between husband and wife

Talk about sexual requirements in secret between husband and wife

The latest issue of the famous American sex magazine “Red Book” introduced us to the role of the “sign” in the life of husband and wife and how to use it properly.

  One word can evoke sex between husband and wife. Sexuality is normal, but too many people think that this is the hardest thing to say.

Think about it, when you want to be intimate with him, you can’t always say “let’s go to bed”?

This sounds so straightforward that an elegant lady can’t say such things, especially when your child is around.

  In this regard, Dr. Tina, a love column consultant for Red Book, said that when both husband and wife have experienced a certain scene together, in this scene, you happen to be in love with each other.

Then, find a phrase related to this scene can evoke your memories, and this word is a good secret.

“Somehow, some American couples now use ‘candles’ as a secret sign because they always have candlelight dinners on their honeymoon, and that style looks quite romantic.

“So when they have children after marriage and want to be intimate, someone will always say,” Dear, let’s find out if there are candles. ”

“Instantly, the passion on the honeymoon will turn into a current flowing through the bodies of both sides, letting them immediately drop their work and come to the bedroom.

  Anna, 37, said that when she first met her husband, she knew she would marry each other.

“But I don’t want to say the old-fashioned words, ‘I love you’, so I said to him at the time, ‘You are my home.

‘Over 10 years later, Anna and her husband have two children, but that sentence is always the secret code before their affection.

  Secrets of showing love in public Sophie and her husband work in large companies, and there are many colleagues around when they call each other.

“I don’t want our sweet words to be heard clearly by colleagues, so there are some secret signals between us.

“Sophie said,” When answering a small number of calls, we will say ‘unbelievable’, which means that the love between us is compared by others.

“Sometimes, the passwords used in public places are not necessarily words, but actions.

Katherine said: “My husband likes to touch his nose, and we take this as a sign of love.

Therefore, he often does this to me in public, whether it is a large banquet, a family dinner, or a children’s ball game.

This is the little secret between us, and I like the feeling.

“Clear the communication barrier with a secret code. You must know that men always speak concisely, but women have a bunch of subtexts, which brings problems to the communication between the two parties.

The secret code is always simple. Therefore, when a woman uses a secret code to send a message to a man, the man will feel clean, the woman will feel emotional, and the communication barrier will be swept away.

  Vivian and her husband kiss every day at 12 noon.

“At this moment 23 years ago, we antiqued the wedding.

We are here to commemorate marriage and express our love.

“Vivienne said,” I invented this secret code, but my husband likes it very much, because he no longer has to bother to think about the long-speaking nonsense.

He always said that it was I who invented the code, and he turned the code into a tradition.

“Sometimes secret codes can even save a marriage.

Wendy met her husband at the bar when she first met her husband, who was a customer.

Their first conversation was Wendy asking, “Do you need fries?

“Since then, this sentence has become their secret code.

After marriage, when they were so noisy, one of them would suddenly ask, “Do you need french fries?”

“Then the two laughed together and reconciled.