Why do she do this??

Don’t you really want to face yourself??
Or say……The words of Liuhe Mountain are true?
Interrogate,He felt the sound of the sound behind him,Go back,A few black shadows quickly rushed。
After recently,Don’t hesitate to get in the window,Keeping next to Liuhe Mountain with extremely fast speed。
“Summer!I didn’t expect you to come true.,Liu is grateful。”
Liuhe Mountain stands in place,Did not let go of the hand down the clutch needle。
I didn’t want to take a way to take the iron chain.。
Instead, I look at the window where the summer is located.,Smile,Far away。
“Even if I don’t,You can also get http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cn rid of it.。”
Summer flip from the window,Staring Liuhe Mountain,“Why bother?。”
Including Liuyi,Four or five people come,All in the Liuhe hill,God alert and is afraid of summer。
“Haha,Summer is far from。”
Liuhe Mountain is going to take a big step,The three iron chains still shrink his hands and feet.。
On the other arm,Still coating the chain。
Walk between,啦 作 作。
Take a few steps,Stand。
Liuhe Loun Summer,Laugh,“If you don’t appear,I still can’t walk.,Just now just dressing,I have no one in the summer.。”
Toned,He frank,“My end is sealed,Hand and feet are trapped,Even my physical fitness is more than ordinary people,Alone on the summer,Founded at all,And Liuyi them,The same is not the summer, the opponent’s opponent,In fact,It is summer that has shocked her.。”
Whether you should have a sentence in summer?,Faint,“Then you now guess,I will kill you.。”
I heard this sentence,Liuyi and other trusts once again discolored。
However, Liuhe Mountain is a swing,Mandabate them,Subsequently to the summer road,“I have a memorial,But now I have already remembered,Summer If you want to do it,At the time, there were many opportunities in the bottom of the big hique.,But you have not hands,I will not do it now.。”
Summer low eyebrows,Do not speak,Once the default。
Certainty,This is not the case。
He did have a killing at the time.,Want to completely solve Liuhe Mountain。
But the other party is too keen to kill and gas.,Hide far away every time。
And there is still concern in summer,After all, the good sound is not awake.……In that place to do,If it is destroyed something,No one knows what the consequence is。
Even if you are good, you wake up.。
What they are jealous,Still surrounding the environment。
This is always unhappy。
“Summer,Our transaction,Are you still satisfied??”
Liuhe Mountain laughed,Rotate,“Those words I have no in the summer,Is our transaction content,Summer does not guess me,Why don’t you catch me?,She also saw you,But still choose to retreat,Not meeting……”Summer is clear,“Have you said before?,She wants to deal with me。”
“Haha,That’s just I said.。”
Liuhe Mountain laughs,Recluding,“But except for that sentence,I have said before I have said before.,True,There http://www.xiyueshan.cn is a daughter in summer,Summer dance,She is dead in your mother.……”Summer,Stop him,“These I have an argument,In this regard……Still talking about the topic before。”