Cooperate, don’t want to break her identity now.,Because she is now wearing a leisure chess,At this time, she did not constantly constitute Yan’an.,Since she is so capable,Then let her continue to serve Yan’an.,Waiting for the devil after running。

Rui Rui thought here is here to say the head of the third:“Head,The identity of our three people, please strictly confidentially,Defending Code Can not say!”
“This of course,If you are not your makeup,I will not let her see you. 。”
Fu Yingxue is somewhat strange,Because this person looks very easy to believe people,And he chooses that there is no problem.,But why he will be so be careful about this security department?。
At this time, cotton curtains opened,Blue Kwa League,At the glance, I recognize the loose and Fu Ying Xue of the makeup.,She is holding Fu Ying Xue happy laughter:“Snow sister,I finally saw you again.!”
Rui Rui took her head and said:“It seems that you don’t want me this.!”
“Who are you,I do not even know you!”Blue carp contempt,
“I hit you this stinky girl.!”Rui Rui, aiming on Blue Carrier,
Blue Kthi hurriedly smiled:“Qi big brother,I certainly miss you.!”
“Hurry and tell us what happened.!Your injury is fine.?”
“I am fine.,Hey,Unfortunately, I didn’t catch them.!”Blue caring regret,
“You still want to catch them,Pay attention to safety, don’t understand!”
“I know,Because they are worried, they don’t dare to shoot at all.,So just fight them, they don’t see it is my opponent.!”Blue blush,
“I give your bracelet and dagger.?”
“All!Just didn’t get it at the time.,They ran。”
“Report!”Just listen to a woman whispering outside,
“Hankeeong came in.!”The head of the third is said,
Han Bing came in a person in the house,Then salute:“Head!”
“Korean,Is there a case in the case of assassination of Blue Comrade??”
“Head of the report,not yet,But I have already set a range.,The spy should be within the range。”Han Bing said,
“You are talking about the people who know the blue comrades to listen to the enemy.?”Shougang,
“Blue comrade is a deciphering news that is recently transmitted.,Moreover, the scope of the people is not big,Knowing the monitoring to the radio,The spy should be worried that the text is decipherted.。”
“Old,Do you have any questions, ask Han Director??”The head of the third is asked,
“Head,I have no problem.,At first glance, the Chief of Han Dynasty can do it.,This case is given to her.。”Ritual,
“Row,The Korean chief will hurry,Be sure to dig this spy team!”
“Hankeean, you are busy.,Something we call。”The head of the third is said,
After Han Bing left,The head of the third is said:“I have already deciphered it.,So, I am so anxious to let you come over.。”
“Oh,What is the content of the text??”
“The Japanese army wanted to know that we participated in the group of hundreds of groups.,According to the location,Personnel weapon formulation,Food situation, etc.,They are doing the overall sweeping preliminary plan。”
“What is the order of the hundred groups??”Asked Qi Rui,
“we know,Because we are very concerned about the war of frontline,The situation of each group will report timely report,Even you are blown up the cotton river iron bridge, we already know,Bombing is good.!”
“What is the head of the head to come back??”
“Miao knife comrades,This is very important for this anti-encirclement intelligence work.,Reliable intelligence;North China Association Military Commander、Staff,The vice president of the staff Pingtian is being developed a big sweeping plan,I just want to ask you if you may get the plan.?”Shougang,
“Things are people,I can try it.!”Qisui said that I just developed a good medicine.,It seems that this is going to use it.。
Long Pool Junuxu’s face is afraid that there is no devil does not know,Rugarine, use the Japanese identity,Then you have to change someone,Especially so anxious tasks, http://www.xsd-space.cnit is best to change the ready-made spies.,Such rumor, I thought of the current in Yan’an rushing blue rouge。
“Miao knife comrades,Not letting you try,You now expose,Even if your makeup, it is better to get the trust of the Japanese in this time.,I don’t want to let others go。”
“Head,I am best for this task.,And maybe there is a chance now。”