“Teacher Lu,Hello!”Middle-aged man stretched out his hand,“Zhu Xirui,Is the owner of this club,This time I am honored to witness your jade bet soaring,I’m also honored to provide venues,Let you and Mr. Ruan to discuss。”

“Boss Zhu, you are polite。”Shen Huan shook hands with him,“You have good Feng Shui here,That’s why I was lucky enough to get such a good piece of gambling。”
“Haha,That is your own luck!”Zhu Xirui smiled。
I don’t know if he didn’t understand,Or reluctant to talk about。
What Shen Huan said was actually the terrain of his club、Decorate、Layout,All implies the essence of Feng Shui。
Do business in such a place,It must be due to constant wealth,Constantly popular。
“Teacher Lu,You and Mr. Ruan are both famous people,So everyone is looking forward to the fairness of the game。”Zhu Xirui said to Shen Huan,“So today I invited a few calligraphy and painting appraisal and restoration experts from the National Museum to come over,Help you take a look。They are all respected seniors,Worthy of peace of mind。”
“it is good。”
Shen Huan smiled,“Boss Zhu is interested。”
Zhu Xirui selected experts from the National Museum,Of course it is a good fair judge。
After all, you can get in there,At least in terms of morality and knowledge,All have their advantages。
They randomly participate in an appraisal meeting,You will get tens of thousands、Remuneration over 100,000,It’s absolutely impossible for a little money and profit,Just nonsense。
“Then you rest first,Rest room on the second floor,No one to bother。The venue is in the middle,On the built table。”Zhu Xirui pointed to the middle,“When Mr. Ruan comes over later,,I’ll let someone call you on stage again。”
“it is good!”
Shen Huan nodded。
Only then did he see,In the middle of the castle,Built a small platform of more than 20 square meters,About one meter high。