The middle-aged man stood up when he saw Shen Huan,Smiled and stretched out his hand:“Teacher Lu,You are here!”

“Zhang Dao!”
Shen Huan shook hands with him,“Something happened just now,I’m not late?”
“No no,We just sat down。”The middle-aged man introduced to Shen Huan:“This is Zhao Erwen,This is Wang Xuanxuan,You must be familiar?”
“of course。”
Shen Huan smiled slightly,“This is not your summer file《Don’t make trouble》Two heroines??”
The middle-aged person is naturally Zhang Huawei, one of the six major directors in China.,Has always been known for making comedies。
These two beauties.Women are very distinctive,The older Zhao Erwen is very thin,Looks a bit flat,But the face is a little melon face,Big eyes,Looks very hookedx。
Wang Xuanxuan is another style,Her temperament is more generous,There is a bit of exotic wind between the eyebrows.situation,Looks like a vase,Tall and perfect。
Heard what Shen Huan said,Zhao Erwen also shook hands with Shen Huan,Said with a smile:“Where are we the heroine,Is Guan Jin!”
When shaking hands,Zhao Erwen’s little finger gently scratched in Shen Huan’s palm,But his face hasn’t changed at all。
Shen Huan did not respond,After shaking hands with Wang Xuanxuan again,Sat at the dinner table。
Knock on the door,The staff of Zhang Huawei’s studio brought the dishes in at the door,And the person who was responsible for delivering the food,But I can only wait outside。